sodium / tungsten / magnesium, aluminum, wire?

I've been checking out wire,

Could Agoners chime in on any experiences with these wires. I'm reading some
rather EYE opening things about types of wire and their, conductive, and
resistive properties. (not sure that's worded correctly). 

Sodium and magnesium in particular.
I've read along with other the benefits of Tungsten when incorporated correctly in speaker cable builds.
(that project is underway currently)
I'm wondering AGAIN, with certain dielectric combinations if there is something MORE, on the table.
Sodium wire?
Magnesium wire??

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LEAD? Lead acid batteries.  Lead? a fellow Agonner mentioned lead.
I wonder what a piece of solder would sound like. I need to measure a thing or two.  What would  an amp do, with lead wire. GO NUTS or what?
Maybe it's the use of the different materials PARALLELED.. Great conductor, so-so conductor, crazy conductor, HUGE conductor, itty bitty teeny tiny, conductor.  I think that is the KEY to get ALL the sonic nuggets? NOW to keep the finished cable size under the size of my thigh. Have a freight bill via truck to transport cable. lol 3 meter run have to put it on a pallet.. yup yup
I believe that lead is toxic so perhaps not a good idea?

Most people don't eat their stereo components.
I believe that lead is toxic so perhaps not a good idea?

It is, but we're going to be listening, not tasting. And it would have to be insulated with something. 

Sodium wire on the other hand. Interesting stuff.  I'm still trying to find information on it, too. Any and all, just looking for "what works"

MYLAR??? What about mylar? Got um' on the moon, RIGHT???
Shorts out Highline wires all the time!!!
We used to have a press for making sodium wire, it was used to dry various solvents. It’s pretty soft stuff but worse than that is the fire risk, it’s a trifle combustable itself and generates hydrogen if you get it wet and also enough heat to potentially ignite the hydrogen though not as much a potassium would. Magnesium is a bit less reactive, stable enough to make wheels from for instance, at least when alloyed, but these have a limited life. In wire form you have a relatively large surface area so its reactivity matters more, the bright light it emits when burning is quite impressive. 
 In wire form you have a relatively large surface area so its reactivity matters more, the bright light it emits when burning is quite impressive.

I've seen a few crazy thing too.  I use to work for Laidlaw Environmental. Many years ago. Just about the only place you could get a job in the 70-80s. Turned out to be VERY informative. I learned EVERYTHING will kill you. simple. Question was, how fast... LOL BUT I learned how to be VERY safe around everything. Good lord we processed cyanide solvents from the Silicon Valley. The only thing we (ME) didn't fool with was radioactive, materials.  YUP I saw a few water reactive materials. 
A lot of that waste was from the Steel Mill foundries.

BUT for IC I guess sodium is out, well added lead, magnesium, alu, still on the menu, now MYLAR? I found a good source for pure Tungsten, now I have to figure is implementation.

rhodium? what is that shi% anyway...Has some wonderful property apparently, it's used enough. I've never used it , Knowingly.

Just to emphasize all metals save one - lead - have directionality issues due to the deformation of the symmetrical crystal structure during manufacture. Lead has no crystal structure. Smooth sailing. Hel-loo! 🤗
all metals save one - lead - have directionality

I got ya. Everything get an arrow.. OK HAPPY NOW.. Just no arrows on the lead. Ok let me put that in the the notes column. Ok it all written on my forehead backwards. Shave in the morning, it'll remind me. OK..
Really everything does have arrows, bar power cords. Raw cable ARROW added.. ok, OK...LOL  I flipped a cable more than once, 
oh yea...

Thanks geoffkait

Mercury? a  tube with sealed leads out either end... MMMMMM
same with magnesium, or sodium, removes the problem with water,
and hopefully increase longevity. 

Mercury, well there is the enviro issue.UHHHHHHH!!!!!

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Guess what? None of those “scientific industries” involves sound. Case and mind closed. 
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If you think that is anything like the sound I’m talking about you need a check up. The wires carry the signal, the one that alternates at the frequency of the music. Hel-loo! Think more, don’t type. You get an A for thinking up ridiculous arguments. 
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If you’re pretending to be dense you’re doing an excellent job. Of course the outcome sound generated by the speakers has a lot to do with the signal carried in the wires, all the wires, from the power cord to the fuse, to digital cable, to interconnects to speaker cables. To argue otherwise would be pretty ridiculous. And very out of touch. By the way, I never said scientists become stupid when discussing audio or that the laws of physics are different for audio. That’s what we call an illogical argument, I.e., the opposite of a valid argument.
Medical ultrasound, seismology, materials research, military target identification ...all use sound. 

I don't think of it often, but "SOUND", on one hand calms the savage beast, in another forms, drives me to become one.  I've seen sound bring people right to the ground. A feeling of vertigo, vision, sickness, DEATH.
Sound is powerful, I think there is a lot of data, that for the public's safety is kinda, sorta, covered up.  I personally wouldn't enter my sound room without double ear protection if something really got turned up. I don't think you could get to the controls quick enough, even with noise canceling protection. In the "CHAMBER" as the kids call it.  You can not BREATH PROPERLY, your heart will go nuts.  I've had to shut down a breaker, OUTSIDE the room. "KIDS" That type of sound pressure make for NO PEST of any kind, including thiefs. There are NO BUGS in that room, they just aren't there..  I got there with copper, COPPER, good ol' copper nothing fancy, huge copper welding cable. Broke glass on a few occasions, hypersonic glass breaking isn't as easy as you think, subsonic, thats easy...

So, there is a lot on the table, I'm sure, I wonder if I shi? in an empty toilet paper roll and stuck two wires in the end and sealed it. What kind of sound would come through? Pretty fart smeller, ay??? Wouldn't suck, but would probably stink.  I just don't know.. LOL

Cesium, Gallium and Mercury are the only metals without a natural crystal structure. LEAD has a crystal structure. Good bye. One member here makes cables with a gallium alloy. There is a class of manufactured metals without crystals, but they are too brittle for cables.

How friggin' cool is that??? Now I gotta hunt some of that stuff up..
tungsten is on the way, 99.9 pure, Silk cover ONLY.

I'm already fixing valve amps behind my little venture.. cable pulled out,
One MC275, and one VTL, POOF!!, I hope I did't screw up a signal transformer...

You know something, there is a real problem here. Someone keeps deleting my post. Real friggn' jerk who ever it is.. This is an open forum right???STOP DELETING POST...You don't like the answer, don't ask the question...

Ok got nickle/silver, silver, and white/gold, .011 SC wire, still waiting on the tungsten. This virus is effecting everything...

Actually found a copper silver clad wire that actually sounds GOOD it is a balanced XLR. Very nice, trimmed the bass a tad no change in the mids and the highs didn't sizzle.  Cotton teflon wrap.. ZERO noise around PC
I have a place where PC and IC, get within a few inches.. I hear it when it gets moved for sure...

Ferrite choke, with Flexo noise reduction armor over the top of the under armor.
Under armor to hold the different conductors spacing between the outer armor? Make since? Poly Vinyl flex (under) armor covering.

1. Got to be a very quiet cable
2. Got to be very quiet
3. got to be

Ok back to the laboratory. yes!!!
I have some crazy stuff coming.. 

galadum (sp) sc
silver sc
nickel/silver sc
brass sc
bronze sc
copper/silver clad ms
copper/silver/gold 80/16/4 sc
silicone tube

I already had

tungsten sc
lead sc
copper ms
silver ms
copper/nickel ms
stainless steel 440 sc
flexo noise reduction armor
poly flex armor
cotton tube
silk tube
hemp tube