Soapy Residue from VPI Cleaner?

I am noticing what appears to be a soapy residue or thin film on some of my vinyl after cleaing it with the VPI soap cleaner. Am I using too much fluid or not letting it vacuum quite enough?

Thouhgts on a better cleaning fluid option?
Hi Stickman. If you diluted the small VPI bottle of cleaning fluid with a full gallon of distilled water, used just enough to cover the vinyl and work up some suds, vacuumed for two full revolutions and you still have residue, try a rinse cycle of just plain distilled water afterwards, applied and swirled around with a clean, non-soapy brush, then vacuum dry for two full revolutions. That should do it. Or try Audio Intelligent solution, they have a single or a three step process that works beautifully.
Sounds good; will try the 'rinse' cycle...

hi- i use a vpi 16.5 and have used 3 different cleaning formulas and now use audio int. 1 step---still experience the soapy thing every now and then on old vinyl i've bought-- --i assume its either that a prior owner actually cleaned using dishwasher soap and didn't properly rinse or that the reagent in my solution is reacting with a diff. reagent on a solution used previously---- in any event, the rinsing suggested above as a second step works just fine to eliminate the problem