So You Think You Know Your Mozart?

If you do, take this BBC test.
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10/10 the first time through, they should have made it at least a little difficult.
10/10. Not a challenge.
I thought it was easy too, but then I've been hearing it for 5 decades, or 20% of the time since Mozart was born!

It might be harder for younger ears ;~)
im slightly younger ears..26 yr old....10/10 first time , and it ws very easy...but enjoyable.
I missed a couple. However, the test illustrates an interesting fact. When you are familiar with a piece of music it takes only a few of the first notes to identify it. This was brought to light in connection with a law suit some time ago involving "theft" of certain copyrighted material. Steal only two or three notes/chords and you can be in trouble. It would be interesting if the BBC test kept track of playing time before correct answers.
10/10 the first time through for me too. The Haydn versus Mozart piece was the tricky one for me and I don't believe I had heard that one I had to make a judgement call.

I won't give the answer away but it is not always easy to tell the difference between Haydn and Mozart (unless you really know how to recognize Mozart's style, which apparently I do)

That was fun... makes you feel good!
It might be harder for younger ears ;~)

Would '39' qualify as "younger ears"? My wife got 10/10 and identified every piece as well...listening from the other room through my laptop speakers. She thought it ridiculously easy and asked if there was another level to try out. My 46 year old ears, with far less classical exposure got a D perhaps...6/10. I'll be taking the makeup exam after I attend summer school. What a looser!

Nsgarch- I am only 24 ;) mixing in baroque and romantic music wasn't even fair when comparing it with a classical period composser.
8 for 10 but then again I listen to very little classical music. It must be very easy for classical music listeners.
Tire -- please, please! I wasn't implying youngsters shouldn't expect to score well, especially if you enjoy listening to the music. It's just that many of us past the 1/2 century mark have become familiar with it as much through osmosis as from actual focused listening. I'm happy you're a fan!
Man-I missed the Requium...9/10.
I didn't even take the test and got 100!
10/10 really easy. I know some pieces to make it a lot harder.

There are some early Mozart pieces we only recently found out he did not compose. They found the music in his handwriting, but have now found out they were composed by others and he wrote them down to study them. You'll find them on some LPs and CDs as Mozart, but they are not. I did see a CD release of an old recording where they left the music on and put a ** with a footnote in the CD booklet. Good music to listen to anyway featuring a less know composer. [url][/url]

First two movements of Beethoven's first symphony sounds like Mozart. Obviously his early idol.

There is a lot of Haydn that is closer than the one they picked. (Mozart's mentor).

My Quiz Question......Why couldn't Mozart find his teacher???
Answer....Because he was Haydn
It is great to see interest in his music and classical music in general as it spans generations and centuries. I have no doubt that when the real Enterprise is exploring the universe they will still be listening to Mozart.

10/10. The only challenging one was the snippet from Haydn's Surprise Symphony.

I'll give my 9 year old son the quiz later and report back (if he does well!).
The nuns are going to come after me with a ruler. I got the Requiem wrong! And after all those years in boys chior!
0/10 :(
my computer doesn't have speakers!