So where should the tubes be?

Source, preamp, dac, amp? Or should they be in as many components as possible? Does anyone subscribe to such a system where there are tubes everywhere?  Base answer on acceptance of tubes somewhere.

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oh man i come….

Tom - that is outstanding. As you know, Ludlow is on my bucket list…

When i am next in Ohio, we shall coordinate… Walleye fishing and tunes :-)


@emailists ya man a steady diet of live music is the reference..

best to you
there is the rare exception to that…. but it takes a slew of innovation to achieve it from a die hard tube zealot Richard Vandersteen; M7 high pass amplifier: Built in hanging truss HRS isolation, tube front end with liquid cooling into radiators with analog controlled pump No digital chip in the amp , analog controls for DC, low voltage, temp, pump speed, etc, single ended output, balanced input, no emitter resistors , 11 separate power supplies, cyclotron like output stages, 128 v DBS for both speaker wire and IC, the list goes on….

IF in Seattle, stop by for a listen….
Listening to The Tubes - White Punks on Dope ( tubes ), counting my tubes… Just kidding. I do lust after the Brinkmann RonT tube power supply for my Bardo direct drive turntable…..

For grins have a look at the Audio Research 750 power amp, a tube salesman wet dream… but i have heard it and wouldn’t trade it fir my hybrid tube / SS amplifiers….

hopefully the OP is still around and getting value..
21 tubes in my reference system and 19 in the condo. i do know where all the FETs are…

to the OP phono stage or DAC would be my first pick.
Three Easy….he doesn’t know a FET is solid state