So where from here?

I have been getting back into serious audio over the last few months. At this time, my basic system consists of: Rega P1 with glass platter and Michell clamp, Bellari VP129 phono stage, Marantz ST 7001 (for XM only - no FM station around here that venture outside the top forty charts), Music Hall Maverick CD/SACD Player and A25.2 integrated, PSB Alpha B1 speakers, Audioquest King Cobra interconnects and Type 4 speaker cable, Sanus speaker stands and AFA rack, VPI HW-16 Record Cleaner with Audio Intelligent 3 step fluids, zerodust stylus cleaner, Optrix CD cleaner. Am happy with the system, but always on the lookout for legitimate improvements and to get more firmly into the high end......I buy SACDs a lot, but do find that there is more realness and thereness, for lack of better terms, with vinyl. So I am open to suggestions as to what my next planned upgrade should be.
You sound very happy with your system. This is in a world of audio psychosis and nerousis is an unique quality. Just enjoy your music your in good heath.
Work on your room acoustics next.
If you are using the stock cartridge with the P1, you will find a nice upgrade by purchasing something a bit more ambitious. The Ortofon 2M Red or Blue, Clearaudio or Audio Technica cartridges would probably be worth a look. The better polish on the diamonds will also protect the investment that you have in LPs.
Send the MH gear to chris johnson at partsconnexion for mods. It is amazing what he can do. The maverick will go to a whole new level. For the 25.2, you could look at upgrades but I'd be tempted to just sell it and go for a Mambo, class A rated.