So whats your favorite music themed movie?

I am talking fiction or non, from Almost Famous, Spinal Tap to The Song remains the same........if its about music in any form lets hear your pics, some may learn of a new flick to watch. Cheers
Amadeus by a long shot... one of my all time favorite movies, period.
2001 A Space Odyssey.

Forrest Gump was good too.
Almost Famous (Who wouldn't want to go on that adventure?)
Stop Making Sense (Best concert film.)
Rattle And Hum
Immortal Beloved
Spinal Tap (As a silly comedy.)

The Ken Burns Jazz documentry is an excellent look at life, America and music.

I also liked the few Bob Dylan films that have been released. He is an interesting dude.
Jean de Florette on LP (A 378 RC 270)
Amadeus, Almost Famous, Spinal Tap are all on my list, I just recorded Amedeus on HDNET the other day and am gonna watch it again soon. I like The Red Violin too.
i was up at 3 in the morning in the mid-'80's. a grade B-ish brit movie came on the teevee. it was called "monster movie." i can't remember a thing about the plot, but the music was jaw-droppinly good. i waited for the credits at the end to find out the name of this band...the group called themselves "the can." it took a while to chase down their stuff, but the early can's work has been a staple on my TT for the last 20 years.
Almost Famous (Who wouldn't want to go on that adventure?)
Stop Making Sense (Best concert film.)
Rattle And Hum
Immortal Beloved
Spinal Tap (As a silly comedy.)

The Ken Burns Jazz documentry is an excellent look at life, America and music.

I also liked the few Bob Dylan films that have been released. He is an interesting dude.
Sorry for the dublicate post. I made a mistake, but not sure what. :)
Check out the music from the movie "Congo".
LARGE Orchestral by Jerry Goldsmith!

The Last Waltz

Or Does it gotta be a movie 'movie'?

Then how about...

The Commitments
Lacawana Blues
Big Chill
Tender Mercies
American Wierwolf In London.
The Rose
Blues Brothers.. the orig natch... but BB II was a better sound track.
Honeysuckle Rose
F. M. a Steely Dan song book
Bird.. Charlie Parker Story.
Coal Miners Daughter
The Wizard of Oz
Friends... songs by Elton John
Dream Girls
The Benny Goodman Story
American Graffitti
Zacc-a-ria (?) Songs from the James Gang & Joe Walsh
Amadaeus - Mozart
and my personal fav... harold & Maude... Cat stevens does the entire sound track with much coming from his Tea for The Tillerman album.

just movies?
Schinlers List
Streets of Fire
One Flew over..
Breakfast club
Out of Africa
The Sixth Sense.. don't recall one track but the whole movie sounds great!
... and of course, "Ghost" with P Swayze.
rock and roll high school
A Hard Day's Night
A Clockwork Orange.
On vinyl.
Oh yeah!
The Hunger - Bach, Schubert, Delibes, Bauhaus. A Love and Death - Prokofiev. A Clockwork Orange - Beethoven.
Walk the Line
Shine (though the soundtrack Disc lacks the reason to be of the movie)
The Committments (best movie soundtrack I own)
Eddie and the Cruisers (haven't seen in years, but loved this movie in college for its music)
Wot? No one mentioned yet "Tous les matins du monde"!

Or, come to that, High Fidelity?
Gotta add "High Society". Sinatra, Crosby and Armstrong all performing in the same 50's era musical. My favorite that I know of from that era.
Gods and Monsters. Loved the movie and the sound track.
A second vote for "Tous Les Matins du Monde" (Jordi Savall can do no wrong). "The Commitments" was great. Numerous concert films would fall into "non-fiction" but I'm guessing that was not the OP's intended target. Marginally in that realm I'd mention "Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man" which is a combination documentary concert film.
Most of my absolute favorites already named, but how about Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Lightning in a Bottle
Louis Primas efforts on Disney's Jungle Book
Toy Story
Lion King (Elton John's efforts)
The Commitments
PBS documentary on Atlantic
PBS The Blues
Flash Gordon and Highlander (Queen)
Star Wars (original trilogy) - classic themed music by John Williams
Theme music to Thunderbirds and Stingray
James Bond theme - andmost of John Barry's work
Hans Zimmer (esp his effort with Bryan Adams in "Spirit", Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, James Newton Howard, and coutless other soundtracks to many to mention them all)
and of course, Barbarella
"Don't Look Back","Harder They Come" deseve mention.
"Songcatcher" is also a great film, with a wonderful soundtrack.
Regarding Bond films, "You Only Live Twice" is my favorite overall musically.

I also like "All Time High" specifically from Octopussy.
How about The Graduate?
I forgot Death In Venice: fabulous film, superlative music.
A couple off the top of my head. Another vote for Clockwork Orange, more contemporary, Lost In Translation. On the cornball side, the musical Oklahoma.
Hard Days Night
Rust Never Sleeps
Bird...Charlie Parker, Whittaker should have gotten an Oscar...Eastwood is a great director.
an exquisitely well-done movie from the pov of sound (if not music) is the 1964 japanese film "the woman in the dunes." the director became the first japanese director nominated for an academy award. he studied existentialism in france in the 1950's, made this 1 film in the sixties, and then retired to cultivate and tend to japanese flower gardens for the rest of his life. the meshing of the visual with the aural in this film actually lives up to the well-worn description "hauntingly beautiful."
Two for the Road. Mancini never was better.
Gotta put a vote in for "A Hard Days Night".
HELP and Platoon
The tops for my list is also "A Hard Days Night" 2nd would be "Cotton Club". Bio flicks like "The Benny Goodman Story" and "The Glenn Miller Story" were my introduction to Big Band music.
not exactly about music but the soundtrack of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" is probably my favorite. It helps set the plot of a great western

"Lady Sings the Blues" was also great. "Ray" good but not as "Lady..."
Oh yeah- The Committments.
The Last Waltz
Of recent films:

Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man (2005)-- Great movie!

The Tic Code w/ Gregory Hines as a jazz musician taking a talented child under his wing

Once -- about a migrant street musician, and a love story
Oh Brother Where art thou?

Forgot completely about this one...

"Joe Dirt".

A comedy with David Spade, and a lot of classic rock, from Argent, Joe Walsh, Eddie Money, Cheap trick... etc. Worth viewing for sure, in spite of Dennis Miller being part of the cast.
BLOWUP !!! Score by Herbie Hancock, but that Yardbirds' performance really took the cake.
The Blues Brothers :)
Blues Brothers all star show band and review, on a mission from God.
James Bond movie soundtracks love the sounds and productions of those lps.
A fine group above all,
there have been some very good sound tracks through the years.
Detroit Rock City!

when they slipped the pizza w/ extra mushrooms to the catholic priest teacher, i lost it.

what a classic rock & roll movie!
West Side Story
American Graffiti
"Tous les matins du monde" the story of the French composer Marin Marais. By the way, many of you seem proud that you are die-hard philistines.