So, what DON'T you spend money on?

OK, most of us have stereo systems that tally in the five-figure range -- more than many peoples' automobiles, inlcuding perhaps our own. ;-)

Last week in an attempt to self-justify recent hobby expenditures, I started drawing up a list of things that more "normal" people would own or spend money on, but which I choose not own. To wit, I am 34 and married and do not have a:

Cable Bill
Blu-ray player
Smart phone
Car payment on my '03 Mazda

.... How 'bout you?
I drive old cars (the new one is a 1995 and the old one 1970)
My house is paid off
I don't take expensive vacations
No stinkin cell phone
No internet or computer at home
No wife, kids, or dogs
Prepare my own meals
Don't need fancy clothes
Don't go to movies
Don't pay big bucks for sports events

So, now I have money to play around with audio.
No children.

Ride motorcycle instead of car most of the time I have a choice (not having to haul gear).

Have old cars (strictly a necessary evil to me).

No cable (or any TV for the past 12 years).

No newspapers or magazine subscriptions.

Rarely go out to movies (though I'm a huge movie fan so spend plenty between Netflix and Rentals).

Make lattes at home instead of dropping $5 at a boutique-chain.

Cut (shave) my own hair (FloBee styling), or my wife cuts it.

No fancy clothes - not a slave to fashion.

Do most of my home repairs, maintenance and building. (I am a pretty capable builder/contractor).

Buy used furniture and antiques.

Things, other than Audio, I will not compromise on ever that probably go the other direction:

Healthy food.
Food and care for our dogs.
Tools I work with.
I drive a 1996 Toyota.

No smartphone ( I get one from work).

No Blu Ray.

I get basic cable package with HD service.

I have a wife and two kids not yet in college.

Also a nice house and generally nice clothes.

We take a nice vacation on occasion.

I drink an occasional beer, glass or glass of wine.

My stereo gear is my only generally expensive hobby.

My wife likes to shop!!

Other than all that I am pretty normal I guess.
Cheap cellphone
No cable TV
No Blu-ray
Cheap PC
Old car
No ps3/wii/psp
No cable TV
No car repair bills - I borrow my kids used car when I need it, but I pay for the car insurance.
No Blue-ray
No movies
No expensive clothes or furniture
No gold or diamond jewelry

But I do spend money on:
good food, wine and cigars
BUY: stereo stuff, Music, food. shelter,
Do NOT buy:
Clothing. I used to buy used clothes all the time. now i wear them until they are rags. i am too old/fat/ugly to worry about fashion anymore.
Car, I drive a 12 years old car i have had since new. love it.
no children,
food; I buy decent organic food, usually no cooking involved. basic. I NEVER go out to eat.
I never go out to movies, nightclubs, etc.
No cable.
no cellphone.
I DO have internet access at home.
Basic shelter, i rent, cheap..
Probably more than 80% of my spare money over neccessities goes to audio/music.
I have the whole catastrophe.
No debt.

Boring huh?
No wife, girlfriend, or prostitutes

Used car

Not into clothes, shoes or fashion

House in a transitional neighborhood

That lets me spend all my money on audio, computers, photography, wine, travel, and student loans

Wow, this does not sound like the sophisticated playboy image we are all supposed to have does it? Maybe the audio industry is not catering to the right audience. Kinda like selling chainsaws at the opera maybe?

Thanx, Russ
34, married, 3 month old daughter.

Other than the new Rega DAC I bought in January, I stopped spending money on audio gear about 2 years ago. And my system is nothing like what seems like the majority of what people have here. It's far more than 'good enough' for me though - Bryston B60, Audio Physic Yara Evolution Bookshelves.

What do I spend money on? Rent, food, day care (couldn't afford the Mrs. staying home any longer than 3 months), and whatever our little bundle of joy needs. One car payment because I had to finally replace my '97 Volvo that had 250k miles on it. Cable and internet are the only entertainment we have other than watching our daughter grow up.

What don't I spend money on? Everything else.
No drug habit to satisfy. Save lots of money not drinking expensive wine, or smoking expensive cigars. No kids. No mistress. No pets right now. No gardener, (I do my own yard). No expensive sports car to maintain. No private plane. No boat. No social club dues. Don't have to buy clothes for work, (I'm a UPS driver and uniforms are provided). Don't gamble. Don't eat out very much. Not into jewelery. Don't CHASE AFTER all the latest, newest, hottest technology, (not an early adopter). Keep all my gear in tip top condition- clean, dust free, smoke free environment and get many years of use out of my shit...unlike most of my audiophile buddies who buy and sell off their audio gear like it's toilet paper. I got $200,000 invested in my audio system and it totally kicks ass. I buy used c.d.'s online and used vinyl too. That's where my money goes and I have NO REGRETS. My life is filled with great music all the time and I'm happy as can be!! Oh, and I got a hot looking wife to boot.
No fancy amp yet--sticking with McIntosh 6900 integrated and miniwatt tube. Cheap speakers. Haven't bought any music in years. Over 12000 tunes on ipod ripped from CD and vinyl collection. Spend most on awesome guitars.
No car, don't really need it in NYC area.
No cable or Blu-ray.
No expensive vacations.
Not much eating out.
No expensive drinks or cigars.
But I do buy designer clothing and good shoes on ebay from time to time;
And I do have some money for prostitutes.
After reading these answers I guess audiophiles are a pretty boring group. No wonder I don't have any audiophile friends.
No trophy mistress, no gambling.
I like nice clothes and have a car payment, student loans, a mortgage, cable, a new lady, and a stereo without a preamp. I got off track.
Wow, seems kind of depressing what some will give up for the best audio.
There's nothing that has been previously mentioned other than drugs that I don't spend money on...and if it weren't for the smoke, I'd probably spend money on the occasional spliff, too.

But, smoking interferes with cycling.

Really odd thread. Usually, the chest puffing is all about where money *is* spent. Now, the chest puffing is about where the money *isn't* spent.

I guess the moral of the story is the satisfaction of puffing one's chest, regardless of the topic.
Tvad - you should investigate those smokeless combuster units made in Germany for healthy extraction of THC molecules!

I agree that many do trade off stuff for investment in good sound. Usually those things aren't in our value system anyway, so we don't miss them. For me, for example, a fancy expensive car or big fancy home or designer clothes. I would say the one area where spending money on audio has cut into my lifestyle is reduced travel. I do feel like my priorities are shifting a bit - now that I've got $$$ invested into audio, I'm finding that I can get more satisfaction for the next dollar spent on some other home improvement projects: bathroom, garden...
One of my current favorite free hobbies is surfing the web for great large pictures of art, i can save to my laptop. I currently have over 5,000 good resolution (1000 by 700 minimum) great art, fish, coral reef, and sundry pics I find interesting (Nudibranchs.. never knew about them before.. wow.)
I just let the screensaver flip through randomly every 10 seconds.
I go backa delete the less interesting, so the collection quality is going up all the time. Finding a specific site with great pics is a joy.
My one guilty pleasure of this is keeping pics of dolls. i find fashion dolls to be very interesting, and the clothing is really fine from some hobby makers. I have 700 pics alone of dolls all super cool with repainted faces that look totally real, so much so that for many, only that one can see the joints allows one to know it's a doll.
Anyway, hobbies that do NOT cost money are a cool way to save. Also ones that have a small initial investment, and endless rewards (running, bicycling etc) are cool too.
For the guy worried that this is another pissing contest. i think it reflects more on his attitude than everyone else pissing away... LOL (and my pissing is not gonna win ANY contest anyway!! I COULD cheat and load up a squirt gun though...)
I have a small budget for everything (not for audio) :)
... Good question ...
...and if it weren't for the smoke, I'd probably spend money on the occasional spliff, too.

Tvad, ...probably still not great for the cycling though.

LOL (and my pissing is not gonna win ANY contest anyway!! I COULD cheat and load up a squirt gun though...)

Elizabeth,...uh, too much information. Careful where you point that thing.
Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, rock concerts, resorts, and the latest silly gadgets advertised on TV.
Your gear is not running thru the Clapper? clap-on clap-off? It is "THE" universal remote!
Body guards, cosmetic surgery, servants, luxury automobiles/privately owned aircraft, life coaches/personal trainers, Pernod-Ricard champagne and La Perla undies to name a few.
Ex-wives, the most expensive of all collectables.
Funny, Dekay. I had to look up La Perla. Out of my price range as well. The Comfort Line thong for men had me shaking my head. Oh well, I guess there's something for everybody to blow money on.
I spent my money on booze,drugs and hookers. The rest I wasted!!
I can't find a clapper that has been rebuilt with no internal nickel parts, upgraded Ag wiring, gold plated contacts and most importantly- has been cyro' treated.
Smart phones and f***ng Ipads.
Hitmen. DIY
Lunch- Paying $7 to $9 per day adds up. I'd rather just brown bag it and eat a bit healthier.

Dry cleaning - Not unless I have to. My Khakis and shirts will be washed and I'll press them while listening to my system.

CLothing - I don't need the latest and greatest fashions. Unless the item of clothing has a hole or is so worn down I won't buy something new.

Gasoline - I deal with my old car and keep filling it up with 87 Octane gas. Gas prices close to $4/gallon by me.

Vinyl - Some may see this as blasphemy but I primarily listen to CDs. I'm just dabbling in vinyl. I get a majority of my vinyl from thrift stores. I've been lucky that a lot of it is in really good condition.

I'll also try to by generics whenever I can. Unless the premium brands are on sale.
No boat, no Ducati, no Porsche, no children.
I spend money on about everything mentioned in this thread... Why the hell not, we're only on this planet once! Might as well enjoy it. Though like Feil, I don't lose money on finance charges! Except the car loan on the Audi S - gotta sacrifice values for fast revs!

No hookers either - but maybe I should see what the audio pimp is up to...

No Porsche... Here's hoping that changes soon

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Like Audiofeil I'm debt free. I to am boring.
Got plenty of cash for everything life is GREAT.
I love you, Elizabeth.
No fancy cellphone, a phone is for making phonecalls
No cable/satelite
no New cars, but I do have a nice second hand one
definitely no prostitutes

Wife and 3 kids, only one still in college. Funny though, even in their mid 20's, they still cost me money, but what's money for.

no Ex wife to pay for unfortunately, bacause she passed away.

Nice but old house, costs me money to keep going.

Several short holidays a year, my wife and I prefer 1 week breaks or less.

I could be retired, but I'm not, that pays for what I still need for the HiFi

Country club memberships (the ones near us have six figure joining fees)


One more thing. No land line phone. Never used it

so we gave it up.
Well some of the above responses are quite interesting.
I still have a cell phone from work even though I haven't worked for a while due to the building market here in Central Florida. Thankfully we are blessed in that we have no debt and don't have to make many of the sacrifices other families do.

I DO have Satellite TV as I am a passionate sports fan and always have been. I also spend on gardening and woodworking and maintainence of the house much of which I do myself. We both love community theater and live music shows. Unfortunately my wife will only attend classical music concerts which I love as well but others as well too.

I DON'T care about clothes but my wife does so she does much of the mixing and matching for me in that area. This fulfills one of her passions and I don't object.

The house and car 1999 Toyota, and truck 2005 Ford F-150 are paid for, no debt, we take many mini vacations and are planning for a 1 month vacation this June to her home country.

I have pretty much stopped spending on audio other than a few things here and there to tweek the system as I am quite satisfied with what I have although I probably will update the speakers in the near future and have some work to do on my analog, other than that I'm done.

I have come to the conclusion over time that less is more. We have started clearing out the house of things which are not necessary and giving it away where it can do better good.