So...What do you listen to in your car?

I was thinking about this during my drive into Dallas this morning. I just acquired a half-dozen or so new releases on digital - some of which are challenging and really need several listens before drawing a conclusion about them.

Although I wish I owned them on vinyl, I wonder if I'd have given those challenging releases the chance to show their greatness if I owned them on another medium (practically and logistically I can't listen to my analog setup as much as I'd like). Hence, my commutes give me a listen to "get hooked" on a new release (or, a new release to me).

Most of the time (80%), I'm a talk radio junkie. But the rest of the time (20%) it's stuff I have on CD. Never FM or satellite radio.
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Usually, the car stereo, but sometimes just the sound of the wind.
The Ticket 99% of the time. The other 1% nothing.

Stay Hard.
ESPN Radio.
Even when my wife is not in the car, I hear her voice "SLOW DOWN".

News/Traffic (10 minutes as they start to repeat themselves) then sports talk radio. SF Giants games all of the time if a game is being played.
The wind...
My wife.
I find listening to car hi-fi to be a distraction most of the time: if I am driving in a high performance car, I want to hear what is going on in the car, and around me- if I am doing humdrum commuting- which I consider to be more dangerous than driving on a racetrack- I am even more needful of sensory data from the outside world- errant minivans swerving into my path, the Harley guy who wants to be permanently invisible, etc.

The only time that tunes make sense when I am in the car is on long hiway road trips, which are infrequent.
hour dive to work so it's jazz at high volume on the CD player all the way.
Talk radio, mostly sports.
1010Wins news, WBGO 88.3FM, WFMU free-form radiostation 91.1, WFUV 90.7. Used to listen to K-Rock with H.Stern a lot and now thinking of getting my XM back for more dirty humor...
440 cubic inches
At home I listen to the music at 33 1/3

In my car I listen to the music at 9,500

NPR unless it's a long trip. During long trips I prefer cds that work well start to finish.
Mostly iPod and XM Radio (various stations).
XM in my 8 year old pick 'em up! I miss that XM Music Lab channel!
Usually a stack of my most recently acquired CDs, and favorite CDs from my collection the rest of the time.
Jazz and alternative rock on a fairly tricked out system (for a geezer)! After a recent cd/pre-amp replacement for my car, I had a chuckle over the thought that the currently available gear, with digital control for every parameter, would certainly be the undoing of some of our audiophile brethren! Talk about audiophile nervosa! A tweakers delight/nightmare? Myself; I have the shop install it then leave it alone....mostly :-)
My 60GB iPod, playing through the radio on my Newertech transmitter.
I drive a tow truck, I don't know if my car radio still works I'm in the truck so much. Talk radio mostly...Rush, Hannity, Beck, a mixed up CD that I burned..