So warm like any players made from England.

If I'm looking for warmness, sweetness, and musical sound from interconnect cables, which cable companies should I aim for?
Siltech is one ime.
KCI Silkworms (koolcable)
van den Hul LSC-series, Kimber Select, and Moster M-series are prime examples.

Try Transparent cables. If you ask me it mach your describtion 100 %.
Thanks guys,
Those are ones that I have never tried before so I will look into them. However, AudioAngel, I have the Transparent (Lightning series) with me right now. The cables look very promising but they sound so dry and grainy. They are used and have been in the dark for many years. So, need more time for break-in?
Gents, if silver is known for for accuracy, fast, dynamic, and maybe too bright (in some cases) then should I aim for copper if I want to go other way?
I don't know the sound of many years old Transparent cables, but I know the new ones, and they doesn't sound dry and grainy to me. But wich equipments do you have in your system?
If your old Transparent cables have been used, then I don't think they need that much burn-in. But who knows? I have seen and heard many ubelievable things.
Anyway. Try some of the new Transparent cables. They had just launched there new MM2 technology.

Purist Audio.
How much do you want to spend?
Arthur- Kimber Selects will provide ANYTHING BUT the colorations described above. They are one of the most transparent cables available. If they pass a "warm", "sugary"(glazed) or(in other words) "English sound"- it's because something else in the system is creating the colorations. If they did sound like that- I wouldn't have them in my system.