so my conspiracies about the record company are crazy.

The rolling stones released the video for dancing with mr. d from the new goats head soup reissue on youtube and it sounds good until you realize the youtube version is the bait and the version your gonna get is unlistenable! conspiracy? l think not friends.
Yes they are!!! They are crazy, SAM! Because of you, and YOU ALONE, I quit listening to records.. I JUST QUIT... HAPPY NOW... 

Yea right.. Like that's gonna happen..

Ground control, we got a 5 X 5 on that? Yes Sir, re BOB!!!

Target destroyed!!! :-) Your gettin' close SAM, "Their watchin"!!!

The capacity of Humans for self-delusion is apparently unlimited ― Sarah Fine.
Sam if you could just throw all that deep belief energy into something sane, rational, like Qanon.... then you might amount to something.....