So much for that???

Listen I really have no right to tell someone what to charge for an item they have for sale. But come on 300.00 bucks for Starker on a (Golden Imports SRI-3 77002} PLEASE when I can buy the reissue for around $90.00. Like I said what ever you charge is your right. But come on lets be fair with the price. Well I just had to voice my opinion for what it's worth. I still wish the seller the best. Than again what is a fair price?
I think some of these unbelievable prices are efforts to sustain unbalanced divorce agreements. Let's see now, if the records are worth a million and she gets to keep them all, I get to keep the house!
You think this is expensive? Lately there was an auction on eBay where a Starker was auctioned for $1200. The LP was used ! IMO the $90 reissue is better sounding anyways, as almost all reissues.