So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?

Pretty much as the title says.
Have been looking for a while for a decent DD table to add to my lot.
Have bought a few lower end ones and ultimately been dissapointed.
Now I know there were/ are literally hundreds of choices from the Japanese Golden era of DD tables.
Looking for suggestions from actual owners of solid DD tables up to about $1000 .
I have read and read but nothing substitutes for real experience.
This would likely not be my primary table, my Garrard 401 has that position for now.

Thank you.
Good to know, the multiple Rega replacements of the glass with acrylic platter would seem to indicate that would have been the result.
Even though the genuine Victor glass mat would be cool as a period accessory, it seems it cannot fly as a SQ accessory!
El cheapo experiment this morning.
Bought a Spanish reading course from the charity shop, 5 x 78rpm 10 inch records to play with.

I tried a plain 78 and then a 78 I fixed some felt dots to the surface to replicate the raised dot mats I have seen .
Nice to have the on the fly vta adjust for quick easy changes.

Tbh to my ears I like the sound of the plain 78 underneath.
So maybe that means an acrylic platter mat may be to my taste.
Oh well only $20 to buy one and see if I can successfully turn it down to 293mm.
But that doesn't make the servo circuit go away. It is still there! It does operate with lag and it does perform corrections within the audio band. I just can't say how noticeable it may be. Some tables will be better than others, obviously.

I meant to credit the OP of this comment, but forgot name. Sorry.

I have two good DDs hooked up now to an all-tube preamp using excellent MCs. One is a Seiki DQX-1000, good enough for casual listening but not great, and the truly great DP80. BOTH have defeatable Servos, and Manual settings hold speed perfectly.

But I still listen to Servo because there simply is NO LAG. With either DD, the "good enough" nor the DP80. Maybe any "good enough" DD by Micro Seiki is the same: Servo has spot-on speed.

So OP is wrong... though he allows for exceptions.
Hey uberwaltz...

Nice nice on the QL-A7.
Had the QL-7 back in the day, cause I couldn’t afford the QL-10 at my pay rank, was a sweet-piece.

Regarding the arm lift at the end of play...
There are a few LP’s out there that have very short run-outs and even if adjusted (TT) correctly may still lift a tad early. Luckily those LP’s are not the norm.
Sounds like yours is the adjustment.
On the PS-x75 there are adjustments for where the arm starts on an LP/45 and when it lifts at the end.
Unless one can find a person that’s fully knowledgable with the operations and adjustments of a given tt, it usually requires the Service Manual. They can be downloaded for free.
Along with lewm’s suggestion of searching Vinyl Engine... some very knowledgable folks @ Audiokarma too.

That switching thing, way above this simpleton’s skull.

Doing the same here in looking for DD’s.
But, I’m going back to those tables.

Just recently purchased a Sony PS-X75 in incredible condition, restored inside along with the original shipping container and all the originals that it came with, loving’ it.
Tried to add a picture (PS-x75) here but... guess a-gon doesn’t support that.
That’s too bad... it’s gorgeous.

Added it to our Denon DP-2000, SME III Tonearm w/damping trough... very nice sounding deck.

Next purchase is the Trio KP-9010.
Tuff to find one with the original shipping container and all. Keep checking hifido.

After that’s acquired will be selling my TNT 5 and not turning back.
Need the full auto of the x75, and semi on the 9010, as we’re getting older and aren’t so steady with our hands. The wiff isn’t comfortable with the manual tables anymore... can relate where she’s coming from.
I’m still ok with the semi-auto’s for now but, definitely see that changing in the near future...
Then the Denon will have to go :(

What I’ve found is this... putting the money into the phono amp and cartridge makes the difference in creating an awesome sounding DD or BD TT, they’re both a means to spin the squiggles on a disc.
Either can be great with some fine supporting equipment...

Would be interested if you find the solution to the arm lift issue on your QL-A7...

I did actually" fix"  the annoyance a while ago.
Inverted commas as I hope it is a long term fix.

I remembered a few years back I had an old Sony semi auto table doing similar although more erratic actions at end of play.

The cure was to manually move the tonearm as far across as possible which appeared to reset the stop position.

This subsequently appears to have worked on the QL-A7 as well.

Touch wood since doing this I have had no instance of premature shut down on any album including some near 30 minute long sides with very small remaining run out groove.