So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?

Pretty much as the title says.
Have been looking for a while for a decent DD table to add to my lot.
Have bought a few lower end ones and ultimately been dissapointed.
Now I know there were/ are literally hundreds of choices from the Japanese Golden era of DD tables.
Looking for suggestions from actual owners of solid DD tables up to about $1000 .
I have read and read but nothing substitutes for real experience.
This would likely not be my primary table, my Garrard 401 has that position for now.

Thank you.
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Does anyone know anything about the Yamaha YPD6 table? 
I will throw in a 2nd vote for the Sansui SR929 or the SR838. Both excellent tables. I have the SR636, SR838 and the SR929. All 3 perform great but the 929 shines.
I support Halcro’s enthusiasm for JVC/Victor DD tables. On his enthusiasm I decided to try a QL-Y5. I was able to pick up a "junk" QL-Y5 sans-arm for practically nothing here in Tokyo and then custom mounted a MicroSeiki MA-505 arm. Yes I loose the JVC arm automation, but the MA-505 is an excellent vintage arm. I am beyond pleased with the choice and it is definitely the best table combo I have ever owned (Rega P3, Systemdek IIX/900 RB300) and sounds comparable to some really nice setups I’ve heard elsewhere.
The QL-Y5 is the more price-down version of the QL-Y7 with a slightly lighter platter and plinth and less automation. One thing I like about the 1980s Y5/Y7 is that the circuit board is simpler with more integrated circuits than the 1970’s TT71/TT81 which are massive complex boards. It seems that there many broken TT71/TT81 out there but the Y5/Y7 generation seems to have less troubles.
I think both of these 1980s JVC/Victor tables are excellent "hidden gems"
Some others Victor models which I’ve heard people love
the circuit board is simpler with more integrated circuits than the 1970’s TT71

naaaah ...impossible, I don't see in the TT71 a complicated board, just a messy wiring. :)