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I just saw an ad for a VPI controller called an ADS.  I went to VPI's website and discovered that no SDS was listed.....I suppose the ADS is to take the place of the SDS.
I see the SDS listed under "Products" >"Machines".
I see no reference to the ADS.
Here is a bunch of discussion on the ADS:

More info:

If you read all the way through the forum post above, Harry says it's way better than the SDS.

Pure analog . Got to hear and see it at Capital audiofest.  They (vpi ) very high on them.
So the new ADS has no AC line regeneration, compared to the SDS?

I guess VPI has no noise on their incoming AC, that they can hear?

This is wait and see, IMO.
No long term speed adjustment.  No phase splitting to get rid of cap on Hurst motor.

That said it would be nice if we got to listen to a Walker,Phoenix, and both VPI's side by side.  I am total non digital and transistor kind of guy.  But we are talking about making a stable motor output with least amount of vibration/noise.  We are moving a motor not a speaker.

So without testing it I guess it is just a WAQ on my part.

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IIRC, there are some head-to-head comparisons of the SDS and the Phoenix online. 
In these, I seem to recall the Phoenix doing very well in its measurements in comparison to the SDS. Now whether this is audible, and how audible is another question. 

Plus Phoenix has the RoadRunner option as well...
The problem  with the comparison is they did not take a stand.  Except the guy purchased the Phoenix units.  That tells us he like something better about the phoenix stuff.

I do own both the Eagle and Road Runner and they are great units.  Very flexible and once adjusted where you want it ,automatic there after.

I have talked with Bill the owner and he is one sharp dude.  He does not try to do some marketing copy crap on you.  The price vs the features makes it a no brainer.   That being said it would be nice to see if you could hear the differences between the units, features and price aside.

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I was a VPI dealer for years and there are some things you can do to make them sound better. Replace the aluminum feet with brass ones. I put some small brass points under the motor to isolate it.I did some other things but I would start with these. I used Star Tech but there are other things available. Isolating the motor should be easy. If you don't hear any difference I will come over and lay hands on you and say Heal works on TV every time! I was serious in the first part.

Star Sound Tech. I was a dealer for some time until I got sick. Look at their web site. They have brass feet that will screw in when you unscrew the factory ones. I used several others including the small points. Not cheap but very well made and effective. Ask for the VPI feet if you order any. They have threaded ones for many applications. I am not connected with them in any way.

Interesting stanwal, I never tried using brass points on my SDS.
I wound up preferring the Walker Audio Motor Controller, which uses brass points and isolation/damping. Perhaps the SDS would have faired better had I tried using the brass points.
Here’s MY take.... I have a Superscoutmaster/rim drive, Classic platter, 3D arm. I found that spikes under the turntable made a very large difference for better. I put the motors however, on soft feet so that as the driving disc rotates, any out-of-roundness with the platter or the driving disc, is absorbed by the motor assembly. This is easily demonstrated by lightly touching the space between the motor assembly and turntable itself...I can feel the motor assembly moving back and forth. When I also put cones under the motors, there is more noise.  On another MY system, cones, rods, marshmallows, upgraded power cord, etc., have any effect at all under my SDS.
I was using several VPIs and found changing the standard feet for brass made a good difference. Also I used small points under the motor after I removed the feet. I never had the nerve to try the rim drive. I didn't put anything under my SDS and don't remember using a different power cord.since it treats the power already I didn't think it would make any difference. I had a PS audio PPP but I don't think they recommended using them together. Forgive me I have had some memory loss. I was using Star Sound Technologies brass points. Disclaimer. I was a VPI dealer and a Star Sound also but no longer am.

I have spent 4 or 5 years being sick and switched to an LP 12 so my info is probably way out of date. I like the LP12 better but they are a lot more trouble and I spent a lot of money on upgrades. Not from Linn, their prices are absurd.