So just how much vinyl do YOU own?

Let's hear some numbers!

And when do you think you might have enough to last your lifetime?

Or is it like horsepower ... Too much is never enough!

Do you have regular clearouts or just keep adding until the floorboards start to creak!

All just for fun people!
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I must have about 3000 records. Never got rid of any since the 1960’s.
i have a couple of hundred that I go back to time and again.  Haven’t listened to the rest in a long time.
Just a quick question then if I may and not meant to be mean spirited at all.

Bearing in mind your statement why do you keep them all if not likely to play the vast majority? If I interpreted your post correctly?
TBH I have sold quite a few that after a couple plays I decided I would never play again, myself I just could not see the point in keeping them.
When contemplating the task of counting my vinyl recordings, I took the easy way out and counted how many records there were in one foot --- [75 average] --- measured my record shelves and did the math. Of course, boxed sets have as much "box" as "vinyl", but I came up with around 12,500 records.  Then -- a good friend passed away and his widow asked me the favor of disposing of his record collection of 3500 or so. Over the years, several friends got rid of their collections and I was obliging enough to take them. One friend taught a Jazz class at a local university, so that was a treasure trove of golden discs !  I recently talked a friend into taking about 1500 LPs by first giving him a turntable !  He's coming back for more !  Then there was the booth at the antique mall where every LP was 25 cents !  Some of my best and favorite albums came from there and were in amazingly good condition after a good cleaning.  
   Having a passion for anything is a good pastime.  Think of how dull things would be without having a passion for something meaningful to yourself !  Don't despair ---- enjoy !!
Around 3,500...selling some and giving away some dupes recently... 
I own a couple hundred records.  I jumped back to vinyl after buying CD's for 40 yrs.  What I've done is looked at my large CD collection and decided that on vinyl I would buy only the album's I truly loved.  So for me it's all killer not filler in the vinyl collection.  Let's face it even the greatest bands have put out some crappy records.