So just how much vinyl do YOU own?

Let's hear some numbers!

And when do you think you might have enough to last your lifetime?

Or is it like horsepower ... Too much is never enough!

Do you have regular clearouts or just keep adding until the floorboards start to creak!

All just for fun people!
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Looks like my collection is paltry at about 600 albums.
Although it is growing every week but it is very manageable right now

Buying lots of vinyl online is also a great way for your neighbours to work out the new postal delivery worker is not too good at reading address.

Ask me how I know, met a few nice people local who I never would have this way!
Glad to see there are some fellow "non hoarders" among the brethren.

I agree that if I buy an album, play it and find it was not to my liking and am likely to never play it again then there is just no point in keeping it just for the sake of it.

So usually on eBay it goes.

I have my existing storage bins and they are not quite full yet so I consider myself "safe" for now … lol

I admire your dedication and managing to catalog them through Discogs.

It has been on my to-do list ever since an older thread of mine asking how people catalog and sort their vinyl.

However meaning to do it and actually summoning up the enthusiasm and motivation to do so are completely different animals!

I have the same thoughts at times but I am an addict to music as well.

I stream, play cd and sacd, play cassette tape, play r2r tape

Oh and vinyl too.

For me it is related to mood as well, sometimes I just cant be bothered to handle media, other times I am glad I have so much physical media to choose from and handle.
I figured you would have more than that as you hardly ever seem to play the same thing twice and are always adding at a rapid pace.

Still one heck of a lot of vinyl and glad you are enjoying them.

2800 or so is still a lot of vinyl but I have trouble trying to picture how much space 14000 records occupied!

I am sure I could not get through that lot in my remaining lifetime.

Glad you found the fortitude to seriously cull! 

My LRS buys complete collections and unfortunately that may include some dross.

So no they are not deliberately buying junk records.

More likely a complete collection similar to yours at the onset. Then they cull the chaffe just as you did and send them onto another world.

A lot of the collections they buy its take all or nothing.

This guy likely has the largest selection in Florida for sale.
Sounds like a plan for sure.
It is just making that start up that long hill......
Found this conversation just an hour ago pretty interesting and actually very much along the lines of Elizabeths reasoning.

Just visited my LRS ( good boy today , just 3 albums and 5 tapes)
Talking with the owner about his overflowing store resulted in him telling me that they have so many records he has had to rent 4 more storage units.

Then he said he is paying somebody full time 10 hours a day to sort through them and toss out all the chaffe.

Reasoning is that why should he have boxes full of stuff that will unfortunately never sell even at 50 cents when he can have boxes of $10 plus records for sale.

So he confided he had just sent a complete van full of vinyl, about 3 thousand records his guess ,straight to Goodwill with many more to follow.

Sad but true.

My mother would love all the Perry Como and Andy Williams records being tossed though!
Talking of Goodwill, I just stopped in one, have not been inside one for years ever since I found out how much their CEO writes himself a check for... Google it, pretty shocking compare to say The Salvation Army CEO.


Guess they must still be working through Liz and my LRS castoffs!

10 albums for $2!

I bought a bunch of classical pieces and one Sting album as I swallowed my pride.
And I wonder just how many of that 6 million are really Goodwill store fodder.

Just vinyl for vinyl sake. 

I know he is reputed to really love vinyl but still... 6 million? 


My movie collection is along similar lines and although I am not depressed by it yet, it certainly still takes up a lot of space.

If we stood back and was brutally realistic we do not need any of this physical media at all and I sometimes feel envious of those who can dispense with the physical aspect of it.

I often picture a nice little streaming amp and pair of speakers and nothing more.

No piles of tapes, records, CDs, essential tape and vinyl care products. No movies.

All movies and music available at the press of a couple of buttons on a remote and smartphone or tablet.

Then I look around at what I actually have and the "rituals"involved and think what a bleak, sterile and dystopian future that really would be. ( apologies for the Clearthink trifecta there!).
I think you are the first to even mention the little 7" varmits!.At least I assume you mean the 7 inch by the dates, could be 12 inch ones as well?

I used to have about 4 boxes of them but it is bad enough getting up to change sides once every 20 minutes never mind every 3 to 5 minutes.

But I do see the used 45 market is very healthy for good collectible ones.

Liberties accepted!

I meant basically all forms of record's, so yes shellac 78rpm, and all 45 singles accepted gladly into the mix.

Thank you for sharing!
One thing I do not have to worry about is my collection being a burden to anybody.

My daughter is also heavily into music, always has been, not much option being in same house as myself Tbh lol.
She has her own little system and her own vinyl collection so I know where my vinyl would go!

In fact I regularly have to check that her collection has not grown while mine has shrank!

Is that like McDonalds?
Billions and Billions served?
Another great discovery day out on the road.

This time a classic car museum that had antique mall attached to it with yep a stall selling
And a superb collection for sale as well, mostly in excellent shape and fairly priced, $3 to $8, I had to exercise a  lot of restraint to limit it to $90 worth, could have (and maybe should have!) spent a lot more.

Oh well, now how to tell the better half........

As far as bargain bin buys at LRS I fear there is little hope for you or myself!

I cant even go out of state for work without coming back with more albums!

Just a quick question then if I may and not meant to be mean spirited at all.

Bearing in mind your statement why do you keep them all if not likely to play the vast majority? If I interpreted your post correctly?
TBH I have sold quite a few that after a couple plays I decided I would never play again, myself I just could not see the point in keeping them.
Very true and wise words indeed!
While I decided I had to have EVERY Rush, Styx and Uriah Heep album made I would have to agree I am not likely to play some of them very often!

Yep I got that topic covered too.

Old thread I started maybe a year ago,nobody posted on it for quite a while though

That is one serious collection!

Are you still adding to the count on a weekly basis or pretty much done?

Just enjoy your music and buy what moves you.

At least that is what I am now trying to do, not that long ago I found I was buying vinyl just for vinyls sake.

Trying to be a bit more selective nowadays.
It would be one very boring desert island adventure with just 5 albums, let me off after 12 hours tops!

My regime is fairly simple, does not matter how long since I played it if i like the album and the sq is good then its a keeper.
If I do not get around to playing it again my daughter might......
I admit to getting rid of some I sort of liked but were either poor shape or poor sq or both!

But my acquisitions far outweigh my culling!

I think you nailed it right there.

Yes there is something great about the hunt and the pleasure of spinning that new to me vinyl even when the constant additions might mean some older stuff never sees the TT again.

Sad in one aspect but very true.