So I put some SilverStar fuses in my amp and....

I've always enjoyed and employed most anything that helps to clear things up. When the music has a clearer presentation the soundstage opens up, goes deeper, wider and taller. Instruments and voices sound more convincing, more authentic (that covers tone, timbre, air, ambience, decay, etc.)

When I tried the Darwin ICs, I got closer to clearer.
When I tried the Blue Circle Thingee, I got closer to clearer.
Now that I've replaced all the fuses in my Marantz PM15S2b and SA15S2b, I got about as clear as I think I can get.

I thought that the HiFI Tuning Supremes or the Synergestic fuses were the way to go but the cost kept me at bay as I had to replace one in the amp and four in the SACD player. After talking to a rep at The Cable Company, I settled on the SilverStar fuses at $30 each, so $150 later I've got this content feeling that I did the right thing.

Listening to my rig now makes me wish I had more room behind my speakers to move that back wall way back as the clarity of the soundstage in all directions is really clean and open. Being somewhat truncated in depth, I can still hear all the layers clearly and distinctly. With the added detail comes all the clues that help to localize placement and lock performers in place.

To hear such distinct sound doesn't imply etched sound. Notes are just all the more fleshed out. Tone is that much more convincing , even in the bass. As the clues help localize performers, the space they occupy is more convincing. As the spaces become more convincing, the soundstage becomes better integrated (whether recorded that way or mic'd and positioned that way). Staying put helps more than one thinks as the whole is more coherent making it more believable.

I know this has all been discussed before and it's not my intention to raise any hackles from the naysayers but those who had tried them know what I'm saying and I just wanted to recommend them as a reasonable way to get closer to a more convincing performance. As far as tweaks go, it's really quite reasonable.

All the best,
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Haven't tried any "high end" fuses yet,but I am intrigued.I didn't think changing my outlets to Porter Ports would make much difference until I tried it and was very pleasantly surprised.Things that in theory should have little or no impact can make a big positive difference.Thanks for posting!
Getting something from Cable Co is always a save way to go. They stand behind everything they sell. If you weren't happy with them, they would probably take them back no questions asked. (But its good you are happy with them.)