So, I just played this song, and..........

Going through my music collection and wanting something from my past to crank a little, I listened to the original " The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys ", and I have to say, the musicianship, the writing and arrangement by Winwood and Capaldi, the studio work by the engineers and mixers, and the recording quality, for that time, is quite incredible. I also have " Winwood : Greatest Hits Live ", and have recommended it before on these pages. Having and taking the time to listen to some older music from my past. Enjoy, be well and stay safe. MrD.
Absolutely agree with you guys!  Here is a treat.....
Great song indeed and great band!
While in high school in the 70s, my local radio station (WIOT in Toledo, Ohio) played a list of their “Top 100 Rock songs of all time” and Low Spark came in at like number 6. I had never heard it before then, and it blew me away.

In a recent conversation with my college freshman grandson about his top albums of all time (which he includes many Beatles, Dylan, Miles etc mixed in with the new stuff) I mentioned Traffic, which he knew nothing about. We went to the listening room to play Low Spark, and I had a convert. Great music is timeless.
Been going through something similar; revisiting old faves and old fave genres.  That was one of my very favorites back in the day.  Great song, great band and one of the best r&r voices ever.  Thanks for the reminder.