so here is what happened

I woke up to a 80hz or something humm out of one speaker. Come to find out the Phono pre blew a tube, my Mytek could not be reset, My Parasound lost a channel. Not sre about the VPI with an AT signature blah blah. I blame the blowing of the tube on the phono pre. However I was not using the pre at the time for listening. Is that kind of like leaving a tube amp on with no output?
Im not sure. It was aystemn ATA upper end. He said it had three safety blocks or whatever. I think that is bullshit. The only thing wrong with the system or only "change was a blown RCA AX7. Granted a black plate from the 60s
Im going to spend $50 sending it to him and him telling me there is nothing wrong but I will offer you a discount on this one.
It does but only one channel went out on the Amp and the speakers seem fine. Can you recommend a a protector that doesn't negate sound. I know of a few but I don't trust them. Maybe a good electrician is the cheapest way.
I don't see any way a 12AX7 could damage a power amp!! That's just not going to happen. My surmise is the tube was defective before the amp had the failure and the two are unrelated. The phono may well have been working with the bad tube in it- you'd be amazed how common this is.