So Hard to Decide on an Amp


So lately I have been thinking about getting an Amp and using my existing Vincent SV-500 Hybrid Integrated as a Pre-Amp.

I have inquired about some amps in other threads but it just seems so hard to decide as to what will have good Synergy with my system.

Wish I could try out all the Amps that I am thinking about but that would be quite difficult.

The one that is at the top of my list (mind you I haven't personally heard any of these, just going on reviews) is the Pass Labs XA25.

But am also considering the Parasound A21+ and A23+, Benchmark AHB2 and Mystere PA21.

All of have received good reviews and comments from folks.

I suppose the Parasound, especially the A21+ would provide the best Base Response but the others would also be quite worthy.

Tomorrow, I have a Technics SL-G700 SACD Player arriving and so I will be playing with that for a little bit to see if I like it (I am pretty confident I will). My current Denon DVD Bluray Player which I was using has been acting up and I decided it was time for an upgrade.

But soon after, I think I want to try an amp. Not that I really need it, the Vincent satisfies but I am just curious to what an Amp can bring to the table in my system.


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@anotherbob, Good Catch! I didn't even realize I mistyped that.

@athrillofhope - Thanks for that feedback, I will need to check them out.

Thanks for all the feedback!
@redwoodaudio, I use a Isotek EVO3 Sirius but that is more a Power Bar vs a line cleaner at least according Isotek.


Could you expand on that, regarding the impedance mismatching?

I had the XA25 and loved it. Traded up to INT 25.  Buy a used XA25
with warranty remaining for about $3k. If you hate it they resell in minutes. Reno Hifi used to have demo and used stock but with no
new gear that used supply may be gone too.

Heard great things about Coda too. 

Does ML have any suggestions?

Thanks for your reply.

I have been looking for used XA25's but nothing close to $3K so far.

What Pre-Amp did you use with the XA25?

Compared to your existing setup, do you feel the Int25 is a big step up?

My understanding is that the amp in the INT25 is the same as XA25.