So close yet so far....oh the pain of it all

I got a call this morning my Audio Aero Capitole was in. Oh boy...gonna play now!!! Left work early to pick it up and could not wait to open it up and hook it up. When I got home I started unpacking it and it was making a clunking sound when manipulating it out of the box. Opened up the cover and looked inside. The whole transport section of the unit was flopping around on the inside with no screws holding it in. ARGH!!!! Wires were pulled out of there sockets as a result and paint of the transport unit was chipped. The cardboard box had some dents in it but not severe ones.

Sinced I lived on the way home of the vendor I called and he stopped by to look. We put it together the best we could figure out and actually got it started. But then a persistent clicking noise of the laser going up and down and no buttons working we declared it DOA! Prior to him coming over he called the distributor and they are going to expedite one over. Thanks so much Greg for your service on the matter! Sorry to whoever was supposed to get that one! Soooooooo close.
That story was scarier than the movie *The Others* It definetly made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It could be worse though, just think if you had bought it used from a guy at e-bay with zero feedback. :^)

Hang in there paradise is close at hand.
Had a similar thing happen with the gamut cd-1 I ordered. The transport and most boards, are supported by delicate rubber isolators. The box, while delivered with little damage, must have been used for a hocky puck by UPS dudes wielding massive sticks. Luckily my dealer, Joe with JC Audio, had me ship it to direct to his guy in California for fixing. I got it back within a week in flawless condition. It is a long way back to Denmark...Gamut had few kind words about the US shippers. It seems all of thier problems occur on this side of the Atlantic. It is the problems that make you appreciate the good dealers. They always step up to the plate
Now that's a horror story, but that's also the value of a good dealer. Hope the ending is a happy one!
I had a similar experience with a cdp which came from Europe, customs or whomever had opened it up apparently to inspect it. ALL the screws holding the cover on were removed and free floating in the box and the drawer was broken. The feet were also unscrewed. It had been taken apart and left as such, stuck back in the box, poorly re-taped and sent on it's merry way. Audio-philis interruptus.
The other day I bought a used LP record from a public radio station. They packaged it very well, but did not indicate anywhere on the outside what was inside the square padded envelope. So my mail carrier folded it into my mailbox. OUCH !!!!
That was really funny Sugarbrie,I was rolling on the floor.
Thanks it made my day.
Sugar, is this real? LOL
Yes Gregm... That really happened this week. I only paid $6 for it, so it is not the end of the world. However, it is an old recording that is not available on CD, so it is still a loss.

If you are familiar with Menahem Pressler, the pianist with the Beaux Arts Trio; it was Musical Heritage Society LP release of a recording of him playing a couple Mozart Concertos, recorded the late 1950s.

Oh mercy! I remember that recording. What a little gem to lose.

Sugar -- that's a rare piece. It's not funny... I heard some Pressler Mozart on one of those tiny Italian label cd reissues -- but can't remember details. I don't think it was the same recording though (but it could be: just taken direct off the LP).