So BAT is making a pre/pro?

There are two manufactures I have always wanted to own since I became "educated" in hi fi; BAT and Pass. I know it's too early to expect anyone to have experience with this piece since it isn't released, but any thoughts? It's a tube pre/pro!!!! Maybe an audiophile can have the best of both worlds (HT and music) from 1 box??
Funny because i too like BAT and Pass very much. I like everything I auditioned of theirs. Maybe by the time I have room for HT (I will still keep 2 channel though..don't worry) I can get BAT's new box! Should be interesting.
Mdomnick, I too want to have the best of both worlds in one box. I have limited space and must combine all in one system. Could you LMK where you found the info on the BAT pre/pro? I'd like to check it out. The BAT web-site has no info on it yet. Thanks, Dave

Actually there is some info (no pics:() on BAT's website. Look under "New Products" and "AV10 White Papers." The tube section will be optional for the front 3 speakers.
Mdomnick, Thanks for pointing that out. How did I miss it? Must have had my head stuck in my bleep!? The white paper reads like the S.O.A. I will be very interested in the look and price of this unit. I currently have a Marantz SR-19 piping the front L&R into Musical Fidelity A3CR. The Marantz is a nice upper entry level unit for HT, but lacks for 2 channel music. I've been lusting over BAT's new integrated to upgrade my music. Maybe I'll have to wait and upgrade full scale with the new pre/pro? Thanks again.