So, again, a question concerning amps.

I may be young. I may not have $25000 invested in my system. But why is it that no one on this forum ever answers my questions. Ever. I feel totally ignored. It really is a downer, considering how much people seem to post about everything else and everyone else.
I have Infinity Kappa 600s and 400s, front and rear, respectively. THese are 6-ohm, biwireable speakers. My center is a slightly older and less fancy Entra by Infinity. Soon will be upgrading to a Martin Logan Cinema.
Am looking at amplifiers. WIll be using a Harman/Kardon AVR 430 as a processor.
Have quality power delivery and cabling. Am very serious about this whole thing.
Since I have only one room right now, I am concerned with Home Theater as well as peerless musical performance.
I have been looking at amplifiers from Sunfire, Aragon, B&K, Parasound, older Classe, Older Krells, etc.
What do you people think? Comments on amp performance? Negatives? Positives? Etc?
I do not have a dealer for any of these folks around.

Based on my experience, if you are seeking as you say 'peerless musical performance', then the amplifier is the place to start.

I would suggest keeping your eye out for a used McCormack DNA 0.5 Revision A amplifier. It's only 2-channel but you can usually find a used one here for about $1200 $1600 and it should easily outperform any of the amps you listed above.

This purchase alone can catapult your system perhaps more than any other purchase you make in the next few years.

all that you listed will drive the speakers however i would
steer clear of older classe they had reliability issues.a
good choice would also be acurus little brother of aragon.
also bryston is good match
I have been hearing and reading good things about McCormack and Bryston. I have also looked into Acurus amps as well.
As I am relatively inexperienced, how much of a difference would say, that particular McCormack make over my little Mistubishi 75w amp? And is it worth it to truly go with all separates, rather than one big amp, cable management is no concern, nor, as I said, adequate power delivery. Although! My Monster HTPS7000ss is, I believe, only rated up to 15 amps! Would that create too much of a draw?


Building five to seven amplifier modules on one chassis IS a compromise.You might look at a high quality amp {2 CH} for the fronts.Why not an original Theta Dreadnaught or cheaper Plinius?
When using a 2 ch. with this HK receiver in a surround mode, would not the volume balance between front and surrounds be difficult to regulate---since the fronts are being driven by more power. Or with the 2 ch. are you limited to just stereo 2 ch.?
So, uh, you mentioned 'peerless performance'.

For that you will need tubes.

The amps all reviously mentioned are good transistor amps, but they take a backseat to tube amplifiers, which offer smoother (more musical) sound, with greater detail in the instrument timbres and also in the soundstage definition. Transistors are easier to own and use, but think of it like a high performance sport car as opposed to a Chevy sedan. For higher performance, you might have to tinker more, but the rewards are profound.
High-end is who you are not what you have. Remember that. You don't have to upgrade for us to respect you or pay attention to you.
Aroc brings up a good point, look at my system. it is STILL Crap.
And just look at me! EVERYONE respccts, admires, and seeks out my wisdom. And EVERYONE pays attention to me.

Ok ok, that might be BS, but hey, i gotta feel loved ok?

I second the reccommendation for McCormack DNA .5

The tube suggestion is worth checking out, but if you arent into the whole maintenance aspect might wanna stick with Solid State, also it depends on how loud you want yer speakers to go, and how effecient they are.

Im trying to build my system up, Im going to use my Denon AVR-3805 as a front end, and im looking at some budget parasound amplifiers for the Center, Surrounds and the 2nd/3rd zone i will be running. I will probably step up the quality of amplifiers with the main l/r channels, and go with some of Parasound's higher end monoblocks.

Tell us more about you goals, you want a HT that kicks ass with music? or a Music system that can do great HT as well?

My main interest is just music, because i listen to tunes more than movies, hence the better amplification for the main l/r rather than l/r/c

What kind of music do you listen to? That might help out with possible suggestions as well
Hey Breitlingdj;

I don't know why you feel that "no one on this forum answers your questions.." as I do remember answering one of your questions and I did a quick search and I find you have an 35 responses to seven questions. Allowing for your responses to our own, you still have a no more---or less--than the usual number of typical responses.

What I do salute you for is how engaging you are to so many of our responses and this is good.
classe equipment is very nice, even their older stuff. they did have some issues with some older amps, but overall excellent stuff and highly recommended. they make a very nice 5 channel amp for ht use as well as many different 2 channel models. i would disagree with the comment about mccormack amps outperforming classe. IMO, far from the truth. mccormack makes a decent amp, (only when modified) and even then they are not near the top of the line compared to other top of the line manufacturers. very subjective though. also, check out mcintosh, odyssey, bryston, and sim audio. whatever you do, you need to audition any amp you are looking at using your equipment to make sure it is what you want. DO NOT take somebodies word that a piece of equipment would be the best for your needs, only you will be able to determine that, based on your equipment and how much you want to spend. if you don't have any dealers nearby, be willing to purchase used from audiogon and be prepared to resell what you don't like.
if you do get a very nice amp, your weak link will be the hk processor. you might want to look at a nice ht receiver or integrated processor instead of purchasing just an amp unless you will be upgrading in the near future. no matter how good the amp you purchase, if your source equipment isn't up to the amps quality, you will not hear the potential of your amp and speakers.
good luck
Speaking only for myself,

I like short questions, to the point and concise. I am not saying anything about you but a long (2 paragraphs) question will discourage me usually and so I will not reply unless it is of personal interest to me.


selfish :)
One idea you might consider is to get a McCormack HT-3 (I think that is the model) its a 3 channel amp which you can use for mains (for music) and center (most impt for movies). You can use the surrounds from your HT reciever and upgrade the McCormack amp to truly world class via SMc Audio mods.
i wholeheartedly disagree with atmasphere, btw. getting tubes (depending on amp design) will likely make things sound more lush, but at the sacrifice of control and weight in the bottom end, which isn't what you want if using it for HT as well.

lets not make this into a tubes vs. transistors thread. both tubes and transistors have the potential to be top of the audio heap, depending on the implementation of the technology.
I would get rid of the HK Processor myself.

Look at Anthem as another option. Read users opinions at and pay particulair attention to experienced users comments for your speaker to see what is said to work best. Then read reviews of your speakers to see what they used successfully. If the gear they used is to much $$ maybe there is a similar model for less in their line of amps.

I am using a Panasonic Digi Receiver at the moment for HT, but want something to use for reference 2 channel system.

Good luck ,as there is no simple answer to anything in audio because everyones taste is different.

Hi Lazarus28, I agree that both technologies have the *potential*, so far I have yet to hear a transistor amplifier that has been convincing to me. I've played string bass since 7th grade, even played with the Minnesota Orchestra, so I feel like I have been a bit difficult to convice when it comes to audio reproducers.

I would love it if a transistor amp would do the job for me! It hasn't happened, which is why I make amps. I find that, even on a budget, a used Stereo 70 or such can be much more convincing overall then transistors. That same budget usually does not allow for full bandwidth speakers either, so the deep bass issue is moot. However, I know of a few tube amps that are unchallenged by the best of transistors in that department...

So, not a tube vs transistor deal, just my 2 cents.
I also am a tube-aholic and the last S.S. amp I heard that was nice was a $5,000.00 25wt Accuphase. I haven't used solid state for amplification for over 18 years but have used four in my side DJ job (Muse, Supraphon, & Hafler). I've put them into my home system a few times for fun, quickly lost interest in music - now use SETs.

However, I've heard from reliable sources that McCormack amps are voiced to immitate tubes. Many people like them, maybe partially for that reason. If you want to stick with S.S., try McCormack. I've heard a number of older (5 yrs and back) Krell amps and never heard one that sounded like music. Damn impressive looking, though.
Been away from my computer all weekend.
I apologize.

Well, as far as the "peerless performance," that is, of course, relative! I just want the best I can find for the cash.

I know the h/k is pretty weak as far as processing goes, but she works, and I can build up the system before i put the finishing touch on it - a great processor.

I have looked at various amps here, and would like to find a good 5-ch Theta Dreadnaught I or Theta Intrepid, maybe, but really, i'm mostly limited by my budget. I will most likely get what I can find for my money at the time.

Love tube amps, absolutely, but am reserving space in a future dedicated 2-channel system.

Thanks all! McCormack seems to be pretty good too. Will study more!