Snobbiest audio websites

Obviously there are a lot of audio websites out there. Which one's do you find the Snobbiest?
Believe it or not IMO the snob factor is disappearing in HEA. In the past 5 years after the great recession(2007-10) the mega-buck guys(100k+ systems) that remain are in HEA more for the music then bragging rights. To answer the question... I would have to say Audio Asylum(not a member) due to the frequent mean spirited responses.
"To answer the question... I would have to say Audio Asylum(not a member) due to the frequent mean spirited responses."

Audio Asylum is a good choice, but Hydrogen Audio has them all beat. Those people are so arrogant and stupid, you have to see it to believe it. They only allow you to post comments that agree with.
Whatsbestforum and the PS Audio forum come to mind.
To me the gear is a means to an end...that end being the music. I do have some pretty decent stuff but it's just as much fun wrapping about modestly priced combos as it is the mega $$$ setups. I won't mention any names but I hear you about the snobbery and the constant product validation.
Wow how important is this??
Whatsbestforum leans towards the pretentious in my opinion.
To be specific: Cable Asylum...and humorless too.
"To be specific: Cable Asylum...and humorless too."

And one would expect what there exactly? Wires tend to be somewhat controversial leaving little room for humor.

No room for humor says a lot about the validity of whatever might be going down there.
Yeah, I guess Mapman. However, there's a Sheriff or two that denigrate actual experiences with lesser cables based on financial outlay and intimate relationships with specific dealers. It's not really a forum in the truest sense. You have to walk the party line or get reported and slapped. Cables are controversial but, deserve dialog. CA doesn't allow that.
"You have to walk the party line or get reported and slapped."

Another job for Donald Trump. I wonder how much he pays for his wires? Probably more for his hair. :-)
Trump's hair IS wire. Gotta say though ... he has the establishment shaking in its boots. Oh Gawd, I promised myself I wouldn't get into politics on this forum. Being to the right of Darth Vader I know I'd piss at least half of you off. Sorry ...
Establishment never shakes in their boots, " creative counting " in elections is epidemic in all American elections .
Snobby I don't know but annoying is one that can get off into politics over wires!
Snobbiest has to be...Audio Afficianado....
Run by a rich know-it-all dealer and his sycophant administrator...
If you dare to disagree with any of them...your in big trouble.
It's also understood that they read the personal messages of their members.
Enter at your own risk!
"09-03-15: W8aaz
Snobby I don't know but annoying is one that can get off into politics over wires!"

I just heard about the new Trump Wyres myself. Its based on the mag-lev technology that keeps his hair flop in place. No need for a dialectic. They even have an SEDT edition that comes in the same color as his hair. Not only that, if you buy any combo of IC, Speaker and PC's, you get special hairloom pricing.
Must say I'm surprised that that no one has mentioned anything involving "Robert Harley."

His year-end "recommended components" blogs/articles take pretension to another level.

For example, I once read a review where he recommended a $14K Power Cable. That he would give editorial coverage to such a product, let alone laud it, requires a certain level of pretension, potentially approaching insanity, but then again what do I know? I suppose if you can afford the $150K Statement turntable, then the $14K power cable wouldn't offend you.

Granted, if someone handed me $150K, I'd first pay off my student loans, and with the left over money I'd almost have enough for a bag of M&Ms...

(I believe it was Tara Labs the Zero; or The One; please feel free to clarify or correct me here)
Courant, You should take a courage on your own to try to recommend $14k power cord. Why sell wire for $14k when you can simply take money in the name of God:

I don't care if someone reviews a 14K power cable. It's fine by me. I won't be buying one so what the hell. I can also choose to read the review or not. I try not to let such trivial things bother me.
@Rja: You're missing the point. As per your own words, by choosing to cover what they do, TAS is inviting people, potentially LOTS of people, to ignore them.

Part of how I earn my living is via analysis of market segmentation and brand perception. What you call "trivial" I call a "case study" in creating an alienating brand. By understanding the why of factors that lead to market indifference, one can, in theory, avoid some of the mistakes of others.

Granted, VW is proving to be "the definitive" example of brand suicide, but this is an audio forum.

Also, the opposite of "love" isn't "hate," but "indifference." I pretty much ignore TAS because of what they choose to give coverage. If enough people begin to ignore them, they will go away...

Case in point, the best selling audio component of all time was from a company that's no longer around: Dynaco (specifically, the ST70). For a number of reasons, the make became irrelevant, and went away... Having a good perception on how to have that NOT HAPPEN to your clients can do things like pay your mortgage, and finance your HiFi habit. :-)
Oh, OK, I guess I forgot.
The only thing I would find interesting about a $14K anything is if someone thought it sounded bad. Especially a wire.

I do find beneficial innovative new features interesting.

"Sounds really good" is passe. Most of us have been there, done that and many for much less. Some just rave about things better than others.

And even if someone says it sounded bad, I would still be skeptical. How bad can anything that realistically cost 14K sound? Maybe the user screwed up and has no clue. That might be more likely.

Value is another thing. I'm sure there are some who might have even found a coat hanger to sound pretty good. As long as its metal that is. :^)

Its products that many people rave about and think sound good that catch my interest. There is power in numbers. If enough people actually buy and like something, there is probably something to it. With uber expensive niche products, there is typically not many data points to go on.

When you buy something expensive, the pressure is usually on to like it a lot accordingly. Or else, try to sell and take a big financial hit. Nothing unique to audio there.
Once I registered at an Audio site (I've forgotten which) and tried to start a thread re: the merits of various tube gear manufacturers.

I was immediately pounced on and attacked simply because I was from Minnesota, and my IP address reflected this. It seemed that a certain used audio reseller had been annoying a moderator, and all the me-too folks jumped right in.

The person (a moderator) in question flamed away like crazy, angry that this certain Minnesotan used gear peddler whom nobody liked) had dared to log onto their site again (although I'm not him).

I was also apparently in trouble for trying to tap into this deep and vast wellspring of knowledge he possessed, and that of all the other revered members of the site intelligentsia as well, which as a new member of the site, I was _not_ entitled to do.

Why I hadn't even introduced myself formally and listed (in painstaking detail) all my gear in the Members area, how COMPLETELY unacceptable!

I went back into his post history, and he detailed never EVER owning tube gear. So presumably his practical experience with the manufacturers in question was ZERO.

None of the other people could answer or dialogue about the question intelligently, _they simply had no experience_.

That, my friends, is one devil of a snobby website.

I wasn't the used gear dealer he was angry at, but I think I know who they were talking about. A fellow had previously responded to an ad I had on Craigslist, then dug through my house looking for stuff he could get for nothing, and actually returned some free speakers I gave him.

I publicly revealed my name to all and sundry on this particular website, and actually received a confirmation phone call, no less, from someone.

My identity thus verified, I think the thread was deleted, and so (I believe) was my membership.

I only wish I truly knew the board's name in specific, I would enjoy publicly mocking them. I think I know which one it was; perhaps I'll try to confirm.

Aren't those types of attitudes the reason why so few people are in the hobby in the first place?