Snell vs PSB

I am trying to relatively compare the PSB Synchrony One to the Snell C7 towers. I realize the Snell's are about twice the price but are the twice the performance?
The PSB's are a better value and sound excellent. Snells are OK, they just don't suit my tastes. I've owned several pairs of PSB and they were all excellent especially at their price points. I currently have PSB Platinum M2s which I love. I picked them because they bettered many speakers that were much more expensive.

I doubt that the Snells are twice the performance. They have virtually no brick and mortar dealers so good luck seeing and hearing a pair. I'm in Boston and the only "store" that carries Snell is a TV and appliance store 40 miles west of here.
Oh I beg to differ I own XA90PS Myself.  Which were Toe to Toe with Salon1s if you read the stereophile review.
One of the oldest necros I’ve ever seen (12 years), on top of linking a review from 20 years ago! Hopefully the OP has settled their inquiry by now.