Snell Type K loudspeaker ?

I picked up a pair of Snell Ks and have what is probably a stupid question. The speakers have two sets of binding posts making it possible to biwire. One of the speakers has a piece of heavy copper wire twisted like a pretzel through both sets of posts, while the other doesn't. Is this some type of homemade jumper? I have a picture but don't know how to post it here.
homemade or not..yes..a jumper
"Is this some type of homemade jumper"?

Yes. You can either remove this jumper and bi-wire the speakers or buy any number of jumper plates/wires and single wire them.

Cardas has both:
Thanks for your help. One other question, since the jumper is only on one speaker, how does that affect the use of both speakers together?
One way or the other. Jumpers on BOTH speakers or no jumpers on BOTH speakers. You can always use short pieces of wire or even a paper clip for temporary jumpers. Just make sure you connect the (2) RED posts together and the (2) BLACK posts together.

Here's a picture and info:
Sorry, wrong link above. Try this one:
Thanks again!