Snell Type E/III or E/IV?

I've heard the E/III's before and they were very good sounding speakers for the price, especially at the prices they are going for used now. How do the E/IV's compare? I notice from Snell's website that the E/IV's are a little taller and narrower. Also, the rear tweeter is 1" instead of 3/4". Has anyone had a chance to hear both of these E models?

Thanks for any input.

The EIII was designed for music, while the EIV was made for movies and music. They both were good speakers. Jeff
I haven't had the opportunity to compare the two, but I do own the J/IV and the E/III and they are both excellent sounding/looking spks. (amp friendly as well). I've used both for music and movies and I'm completely satisfied. Both of these spks.(J/IV & E/III) are not shielded so be careful not to place too closely to TV monitor. For the prices these older Snell's are going for makes them a great bargain, as you know. (I would be curious to know if the E/IV was shielded? I'll bet it wasn't.) Good Luck Scott. Regards, Bill.
Thanks for the replies,

How close is too close to a monitor since at least one of them is unshielded? ? Also, wouldn't the narrower IV technically be better for music? I understand that they both most likely perform great with music, but I thought a more narrow speaker would be able to image better. Besides the different size tweeter and size are the rest of the speakers identical(woofer, Xover, etc.)?

Thanks again.
My E/III's are positioned about 16 inches from my monitor. As far as enclosure size, I personally would perfer a larger cabinet. Imaging is excellent. These spks. are wonderful. Very musical. The drivers/crossovers I'm sure about if they are identical. (I believe the front tweeter of the E/III is the same one used in their best spk. @ that time. Not 100% sure.) I believe the E/IV was produced for a very short time whereas the E/III had a longer production run. You would be very pleased w/the E/III's! Match them w/a Kora "Explorer SI-90" hybrid int. amp and you'll have a supremely musical system. Bill
Hey you are comparing apples to oranges. EIII are the older style close to the Peter Snell design. The EIV were designed by Volks (SP) who ran Snell and now runs Revel speaker company. I had a pair of CII and CIV, the difference was the tweeter. The CV which is the same design as the EIV was very different sounding than the previous designs with all new drivers. The EIII is not a movie speaker, the EIV was designed to work well in a movie roll and still sounds good for music. EIII are sought after for their great musical sound, ok sound stage, but most have had foam rot so look for a pair that has had this fixed. The 8" woofer on the EIII can bottom out, so for movies the next generation "4" should be better the the 3.