Snell Type E/III or E/IV?

I've heard the E/III's before and they were very good sounding speakers for the price, especially at the prices they are going for used now. How do the E/IV's compare? I notice from Snell's website that the E/IV's are a little taller and narrower. Also, the rear tweeter is 1" instead of 3/4". Has anyone had a chance to hear both of these E models?

Thanks for any input.

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I haven't had the opportunity to compare the two, but I do own the J/IV and the E/III and they are both excellent sounding/looking spks. (amp friendly as well). I've used both for music and movies and I'm completely satisfied. Both of these spks.(J/IV & E/III) are not shielded so be careful not to place too closely to TV monitor. For the prices these older Snell's are going for makes them a great bargain, as you know. (I would be curious to know if the E/IV was shielded? I'll bet it wasn't.) Good Luck Scott. Regards, Bill.
Thanks for the replies,

How close is too close to a monitor since at least one of them is unshielded? ? Also, wouldn't the narrower IV technically be better for music? I understand that they both most likely perform great with music, but I thought a more narrow speaker would be able to image better. Besides the different size tweeter and size are the rest of the speakers identical(woofer, Xover, etc.)?

Thanks again.
My E/III's are positioned about 16 inches from my monitor. As far as enclosure size, I personally would perfer a larger cabinet. Imaging is excellent. These spks. are wonderful. Very musical. The drivers/crossovers I'm sure about if they are identical. (I believe the front tweeter of the E/III is the same one used in their best spk. @ that time. Not 100% sure.) I believe the E/IV was produced for a very short time whereas the E/III had a longer production run. You would be very pleased w/the E/III's! Match them w/a Kora "Explorer SI-90" hybrid int. amp and you'll have a supremely musical system. Bill
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