Snell Type D value

I would like to sell one snell type D speaker. I can not find much about this speaker online. I wired it to my system and it sounds great. I have a friend with a huge grin on his face about purchasing it from me. What is a fair price to charge him? Maybe a high end and a low end price? It works, sounds and looks great. Even the rear tweeter works. Please forgive me, I have zero knowledge of this speaker or company.
They listed for $1800/pair in the mid/late 90's and were considered a high value speaker. I had a pair and they were wonderful. They tend to sell for $500 - $800/pair depending...
There was a pair listed on Audiogon for $649 in 2012 that did not sell. If you have only one it is worth less than half of that.

Try entering your post title in google for additional information.
I would like to sell one snell type D speaker

Do you have one speaker or a pair? A single would not fetch too much.
One speaker of a pair will have little value expect as a parts unit for someone looking for such.
Im looking for snell type D woofer. I will pay $100 for the 8 inch woofer as parts. Pls let me know