Snell Type D speaker owners: Please advise

I purchased my Snell's used about 4 years ago and the dealer that sold them to me provided 2 copper plate jumpers.
I have always had bi-wire speaker cable so Ive never had to use jumpers.
A friend of mine gave me a standard run of Kimber cable that I would like to try out so now I have to use jumpers.
Here's what the back of the Snell's look like:
Red Post Red Post
Black Post Black Post


A few questions please:
Do I need 4 total jumpers or just the 2 I have?
Where do the jumpers go?
How do I hook up the cable-1 red & 1 black or do I simply connect the cables across the top-red & red?
Thanks for your help!
hi...i have the E2's and the CV' only need two jumpers put in vertically between the red and black posts..0n mine i just unscrew them abit and slide them between .your full range cable should be hooked up the same and black right(vertically)and red and black left channel the same way(vertically)
Hello Antmo,

Thanks for responding.
If I'm reading your response correctly, I just need one jumper per speaker?
My question is since one column is marked LOW and the other High, do I connect the cable with one connection on the red LOW binding post and the other connection on the black High binding post?
Thanks again!
hello connect them in only ONE colum.....the high and low will not matter when you put in the jumpers.full range cable uses the crossovers in the and red on right side...up and down,and the same on left side....happy snell listening