Snell Type D Positioning Question

Hi, I just picked up a pair of Snell D type speakers for $50.00. Need some advice. As background,my room is 17x10 that adjoins a smaller 10x10 room. No wall separates the rooms. I use the larger room with the equip across the long wall. My chair sits into the larger room just ahead of the boundry separating the rooms. I do this because there is a post that obstructs my listening.
I cannot find a manual online, can anyone tell me how these should be set up so I have a start point to fine time the speaker position. They have a tweeter on the rear so I'm thinking that they need to be out from the wall a ways. And do they like to be set in a equal triangle with my chair, or do they like to be spread further apart toward the side walls. Toe-in required? Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I will be running the Snell's with an Odyssey Stratos amp and Odyssey Canedela pre-amp. Thanks much, Dave
Can start here...
Hi, Thanks for the website. When I punched in the room width the solution was similar to the current position of my current setup. I,ll start there and move them in toward the rear wall and toward the sides. Don,t work I,ll go the other way. It,s always triaL error. Again thanks, Dave
Hey Dave, i got your message but i thought i'd write you here. there is not much info on the type D's here. How you got yours for $50 bucks?? lucky you!

I have a room that is 16x16x10ft high. the ST-85 (70wp) is less power than my previous rotel 980 (120wp) but a way better amp. the 70wp fills the room quiet nice. don't think you will have a problem with them being adequate for your room. I have found that they are extremely accurate (possibly to bright with ss amps). i do believe most of the 80's and 90's snells work best with medium powered tube amps. i do not think you will need the rear super tweeter with your amp - of course that depends on your tastes and your room and all the other variations.
i am just now beginning to use the rear super tweeter with the thorens/denon 103wood combo. i however, have a bright room.

you will need to experiment with the exact placement - i began with my speakers about 12inches from the back wall - once i find a generally full sound i begin to tow in ...moving the rear inside corner 1 inch closer the the rear wall then 2 inches closer then backĀ…. usually takes weeks. at the moment the rear of the D's are 10inches (inside corner) and 11inches(outside corner) from the rear wall.

Thanks Pete, for the follow up. I was thinking about the layout of my room and your comments. It sounds like the D,s can be set closer to the wall than my Europas which are approx 3.5' from rear wall and 4' frm sides. This provides a near 9' approx equidistant triangle. Similar to you, spent lots a time with distance and toe-in before getting it right. I imagine your room was greater challenge due to it being square. After I get the D,s repaired I,ll get them set up and let you know how they worked out. Again, thanks, Dave