Snell Type CIV fuse holder problem

Hi! Does anyone know if the fuse holder on Snell Type CIV speakers can be removed from the back panel? If so, directions? I need to replace the fuse holder on one of the speakers. Suggestions on brands? I love these speakers. Just got them this past week for 100 dollars......OH YEAH!!!
No idea about the fuse holder replacement but I've had my CIV's since new. I paid over $2k for them at least 15 years ago. They are wonderful speakers and you got an amazing bargain.
I have now found out that Snell Acoustics (Boston Acoustics) has referred all of its service and parts to a company in MA, called Hi Rez Services ( 508-881-9959). I have contacted them and they really want to be able to help, but mentioned that they have taken 100,000 square feet of stuff from Snell and moved it into their facility of 20,000 square feet.

They told me they have someone come in once a week and basically go on a scavenger hunt for the parts that are needed.

I also mentioned it was a shame that no one picked up on Peter Snells designs and kept the dream alive........hint....Was told, they are looking into that possibility and the possible idea of re-doing some of the Snell designs in a "botique" speaker. VEERRY INTERESTING!!

One can hope.