Snell Type A V5 replacement driver question

Hi all, I have the Snell Type A version 5 tower speaker system. It uses eight Vifa mid/woofer drivers namely the P17WJ 6.5 inch. The rubber has come loose from the driver. I did order glue from Simply Speakers. I know that Snell had replacement drivers made as the Vifa is discontinued. Does' anyone know the model of the replacement? Also, I can't find a good video on doing the rubber repair on my drivers. Thanks in advance. Joe

If they are sold out I may have a few on the shelf

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Ok, what do you have and how much? Joe
Ill check, shoot me an email that I can reply to


Pb-any chance you have a bass driver for the Snell CIV?

Do you have a model number on the driver ? If its the stock Vifa 10" with the
double magnets your in luck :-)

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Hi Peter,

Not sure how to know the answer, do I need to remove the woofer and look around? I bought these new in approx 1991 or so, the original drivers are in them.

Theres usually a sticker on the magnet that states a model number, like M25WO-08-00 or something similar. So just pull out the driver and take a look

Best of Luck