Snell Type A system

Looking for information on Snell Type A system. i.e. Driver array, power needed, recommended room size (mine is 20x25 high ceiling), describe sound compared to snell C, def tech 2000, b&w 801. Music and movies? Many many thanks, Chuck
I have copy of original literature and reviews... give me call if you wish to chat....Peter origial corner (never produced) and the A thru AIII were only units that incorporated all of Peter's design approach....give me buzz if you wish to discuss further.... email me for phone number at office. john
To add to that; AIIIi's were a revamped version of the AIII done by Kevin Voecks after Peter Snell's untimely passing. Different crossover and different drivers (faster response drivers) and a slightly bigger cabinet than the AIII. All great speakers but the AIIIi's are clearly the most dynamic and detailed of the A Snell series.