Snell Type A III vs. Klipsch Cornwall IV

Have had Snell Type As in various incarnations for years. Had a period in the 2000’s where I had Sonus Faber Amatis. Then went back to Snells. Thinking I would like to experiment with horns. Does anyone have an opinion on the merits of switching from the Snells to the Klipsches? I like a full, musical sound as opposed to an airy, thin or analytical sound.


Really have not questioned the Snells for a long time. Have sounded good (and everything I could ask) with CDs. Recently, got turntable set up again (Oracle with ET2 arm and DynavectorXX-2), after having it off for 6 months or so. So, it may be a front end issue.

Analog sounds great on this system with acoustic music, industrial (techno, noise, experimental) and most jazz. Falls short with rock.

If you do decide to sell the Snells I think you'll have no shortage of buyers, they are classics.  One thing I don't know about is where you have to place the Cornwalls for best sound.  The Snells were designed to be up against or near a rear wall, which made them comparatively easy to work into a domestic environment 

I used to enjoy & enjoy Snell A’s also. I now own Volti Audio Rivals. They are excellent, full bodied, very dynamic  w/ great tone & detail. Very efficient like the Klipsch but better on every way, much higher quality drivers, cabinets, crossovers. Check them out! They have a new slightly smaller model called the Razz for about $6k which I heard & really liked too. 

I would love to hear both the old Snell A and the new Cornwall. I had some Snell Type E/3 for a while and those were some musical ass awesome speakers! Very impressed and wished I would have kept them for another 3rd system use at this point. I bet the A series sounds awesome. Peter Snell obviously had a very good ear.