Snell Type A fans... what's your amp of choice?

I'm considering getting a pair. I have only heard the type J and E, both of which I have owned in the past. Just wondering if there is consensus on what works best. I'll consider both tube and SS.
Hi, Funny I have the Snell AIII's and have just replaced my BAT VK 500 with a Plinius SA MkIII. In my case both amps sound fantastic but different, The BAT clean and precise with a little forwardness, The Plinius a more musical approach and a little more laid back. The surprise to me was the fact that the Plinius although not nearly as powerful has such a better grasp of the woofers providing a great low end slam, which is important for the Snell 12" woofer. Either way I defy anyone to find a better speaker on used market for under a grand that sounds even close. Good Luck.
I'm putting a system together around my AIIIs. Looking and looking for right amp set up? What helped shape your choices?