Snell Sub 550?? Any experience?

I have a chance to get a Snell unpowered 12" subwoofer for under $200. Should I do it?
My main speakers are Snell E.5, and I'd love just a little more bottom end for on movies. I am not in the market for a sub but when I saw this I was very intrigued. I'd love a nice musical sub, but it should obviously be capable of getting below what my E.5's can put out.
Any comments apprieciated.
I have had a Snell Sub 550 for about ten years, and added a second one a couple of years ago. One thing to keep in mind is that the subwoofer is passive, so you need a separate amp and crossover. The performance is okay. It's a sealed box design, so the bass is pretty tight. They don't shake the room like a Velodyne or newer home theater type sub would, but I find them to work well for music, which is what I use them mainly for. Unless you already have an amp and crossover, you might be better off purchasing a new or used HSU research or Outlaw Audio sub. Good luck.

I owned 2 of the Snell Sub 550 THX. They had the 12" Peerless driver. They worked better than anything else I tried to mate with my Magnepan 3.3Rs. I never tried them in video. The sealed box is definitely musical & fast. I used a Sumo Delilah crossover & ran my Maggies full-range.
On the Braveheart soundtrack, these subs were very, very impressive. They sounded better with the woofer amps NOT bridged, (Adcom 555II or Parasound HCA 1200II).
I my DC-1 should limit the preamp sub output to 80hz and under right? I have an Adcom 555 mkII and I'm wondering if I could power this sub with that.