Snell K/II V Information

Hi all

I just picked up a pair of Snell K/II V's and I'm looking for a little information. It appears from Snell's web page that the K/II V is a cheaper version of the K/II. Anyone know what the differences are? The appear visually identical but maybe they use cheaper crossover/driver parts.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!

I was a Snell dealer for a long time, (back in the day) and I'm pretty sure the "V" stood for video as in "shielded" for video applications. Same speaker, but was able to be used close(r) to a TV without interference.
Thanks! I was wondering if that was the case.

I played them last night and they sound quite good. A good deal for the money, and they are in perfect condition except for the woofer surrounds which show some age.
I am a fan of older Snell K & J. Great deal and sound for the $
Not sure about the "V" designation, but as to your woofers, refoam kits are readily available on EBay

I previously had a pair of J/IIs that I refoamed. I'm not sure this pair needs it but I will probably refoam them for good measure. As you say the kits are easy to find and it's a pretty easy job.