Snell J-III Question

Good Morning,
I just purchased a pair of Snell J-3's to pair up with my Luxman R-115 receiver, I have seen on some of these speakers a jumper wire between the double terminals. Can anyone tell me is this beneficial for connection as the previous owner did not have them wired like that and there is nothing I can find on line about the jumper.

I wasn't able to find much about this speaker and I'm not familiar with this model of Snell.

But if you google this model and look at the images it shows jumper wires hooked to negative to negative and positive to positive.
Leads me to think that they are biwireable or biamp capable.

Best of luck to you,

The jumpers are needed unless you are using biwire speaker cables.
Those are bi-wire/bi-amp speaker terminals. If you plan to use regular single-wire speaker cables, you will need something to connect the hi/low red(+) terminals together and and connect the hi/low black(-) terminals together. If you don't have the jumper plates that likely originally shipped with the speaker, you can use a short section of speaker wire to connect them together.

If you are going to use bare wire ends, instead of spades or banana plugs on the ends of your speaker cables, you can simply strip a longer section of the speaker insulation off, and run the end of the wire through the top red terminal and proceed down through the bottom red terminal. Tighten the terminals on both down onto the cable. Do the same for the black two terminals.