snell fans

Not sure how A-gon views a post like this, bit for those Snell speaker fans there is a new Snell-dedicated forum at:

Snell forum

As a proud type B owner i am glad to see the opening of this forum.
I really love my Audio Note model E speakers which has it's origins in the Snell type E. Just stick em in the corner and forget em :^)
I cant say enough good things about my snell's
type c/v,e/II,kII,m. Its nice to see Snell getting any kind of recognition!
Hey Overhang, I once had Type Bs (after trading up from their predecessors in my system, the EIIIs). Very exhilarating speaker, but I could never get the bass under control even with fairly constipated high-current/damping factor SS amps. Course, now years later I'm a SET & horn guy...

Curious as what you amplification setup is. Those speaks RAWK!
I think it's good to see also. I hope there gets to be a reasonable amount of posting on the site. I have a pair of E-IV & Type A's. Love the E-IV's, I'm just putting together a system for the A's and haven't had a chance to run them around the block yet, though I have heard them a number of times..two thumbs up! Two friends have the C-V's...very nice. I think Snells are a bit of a sleeper. They don't get alot of press(posting or otherwise), but deliver lots of bang for the buck.
I have owned Type Es and 3 pairs of type As, I think the type A is one of the all time great speakers of all time, when space and money permit, would love to get another pair.
Hey Triode
I use it with Pass 250,5 and CJ Premier 18.I upgraded for WBT binding posts,insulated and reglued crossovers,installed custom made german threaded cones with coupling discs and resealed/repainted them by professional furniture maker.They definetly blow away B&W Matrix series and Aerial 10ts which i tried back to back in my quest to upgrade.I think you need to spend now 20k+ to surpass them.Bi-wiring is via Kimber Bifocal XL and SW Crescendo.
Overhang - sounds like you've really done your homework and gotten the best out of the B. It's one of the few speakers I used to own that I still miss from time to time. When they first came out, I was working for a Snell dealer which sold a ton of Wilson...the owner of the store, a very well-respected recording engineer, said upon hearing the B for the first time, "if I was Wilson, I'd be worried". Of course, history did not play out that way, but to my ears as well, the Snells slaughtered many much higher-priced fare of that time. Enjoy!