Snell EIV: refoam or replace?

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Well, I knew there had to be something wrong with my second (office) system; sound was out of balance. So I popped off the grills and sure enough the foam surround on the woofer on the right speaker is shot. So the question is, refoam or replace? These Snell's are nice speakers, but I expect that if I take them to the repair shop, they will insist (rightly) on inspecting them thoroughly, find crossovers that need replaced, etc. yada yada, and the whole job (gotta refoam both if you're going to do one!) will cost a at least $150, maybe considerably more. No DIY for me, btw.

I'm kinda tired of dealing with old equipment that ends up needing fixed, and am thinking of just springing for something new and budget -- this is a second system, after all. I have long and maybe perversely wanted to try some Infinity Primus p360 (current version is p363); these can be had for $400/pr new and shipped. They do not have the "breed" of the Snell's (although I think they may have the same designer, Kevin V.) and are by no means true high end. But they got a very nice review in Stereophile,and people seem to love 'em -- some fanatically. The main complaints are that they are too flat in response, and not bass-y enough, for the HT crown, which is just fine by me. (Or maybe there is something else -- Wharfedale evo2-20?)

So, what do you think? Patch 'em up, or get something new and shiny?

Thanks for the advice!

Those are big floorstanders. Owned the J-IV's and the E-III's at one time and they were nice sounding spks! I doubt the crossovers need to be worked on. If the size isn't an issue and you like the sound, it's an easy fix. But I understand the desire for something new/diferent. Sounds like you'd like something different. Be sure to check on the return policy just in case the new spks. don't measure up to your expectations.
I was a Snell dealer and your EIV are excellent! You do not need to take the whole speaker in for repair. Pull the woofers out and send them to:


Any number of other repair places. There is another one that a lot of Audiogoners recommend, but I can't remember who it is. I've used Simply Speakers MANY times with wonderful results.

I say FIX EM'!
The other one I was trying to think of is Bill LeGall of Millersound:
I bought a new pair of ElV's in 1997. While I have sold off almost all of my older gear, selling the Snell's is one of my few regrets.
The Smell EIV's are nice sounding speakers. Been along time since I listened to a pair, but what I remember they were very good. Prefered them to similar priced Vandersteens. Repair would be recommended. Should cost well under $150. If you would like something new, the Wharfedales are a good choice. I have an older pair of Evo 3's and are great sounding small floor standing speakers. Muic Direct sells them for around $800 to $900 new.
I have a pair of Snell EIIIs that I bought about 20 years ago and had them refoamed a few years ago by Nevisonics in Louisville (just Google it - I think the website is or something) It was easy to take out the woofers, cut the wires, pack em' up and send them off. I had another pair to use in my main system. Got them back, reinstalled woofers (simple) and I don't regret it at all. I just bought a pair of MartinLogans, but moved the Snells to my theater system. I am not sure I can get rid of them, they make movies and music sound better than what I had in the theatre. And I realized just how good a speaker they are as I am breaking in the Logans. I would not get rid of them. They are efficient, balanced, neutral,rear firing tweeter, bi-wirable, (and I have the original Snell-built stands for the EIIs)and I think they are worth more to someone than what the market pays for them now. The coils are hand wound to an exacting tolerance, etc. In other words, we got a lot for our money when we originally bought them, and it would take a lot of today's dollars to get that. Good luck with your decision!
I would send the drivers to Millersound. Talk with Bill and he will explain the best way to pack the drivers. Maybe if you hear them working porperly again you will remember why you like them in the first place.
I've purchased parts from Bill, numerous times: ( He's a very knowledgeable, honest businessman, and I recommend him highly.
Well, that settles it. You are all in agreement. I will not sell the Snell, I will repair. That said, this caused me to scour the local CL for speakers, and I scored an entire 5.1 set of the infinity Primus for a future HT project, at a great price!!!

Now where's that big room I need . . . . . .

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