Snell E 3

So i just got a an onkyo 805 which is very highly regarded, to drive my HT and stereo. I have snell e3 as the title states, but i am wondering, i can still turn the onkyo up to -0 volume and it still sounds not that loud in my small bedroom. Its rated 130 watts. i had a marantz sr7400 and that seemed louder at -0 rated at 105 watts. However the onkyo seems to push these speakers much more efficiently. Sounds much much cleaner at this level than the marantz. Should i not be worried about this, or are the snells not as efficient as i thought? any insihgt on any of this would be cool to discuss.
anyone have these awesome speakers????
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i have found the snells to be amazing speakers, simply amazing, however i would like to keep my amp at a reasonable level.
Something is amiss. The Snell e3 isn't all that difficult to power. 130 watts is way ample. Is the Onkyo some super complicated AV 7.1 channel receiver? My guess is that it is set up oddly -- some whiz bang feature muting the output. Maybe it is user calibrated so that -0 db is not max volume, but some standard listening volume. Check the user's manual to see about that, or for other clues. But the Snells should definitely fill a small room with sound using even a pretty modest amp.
The Snell should be pretty effecient. I had run EII with a EL84 amp 12 watts and that drove them fine. In fact I even ran them with a 2a3 amp