Snell CIV woofer?

I have a pair of these speakers, and one woofer is in need of replacement. Snell has no replacements, said they will no longer have a replacement. My quesitons is:

does anyone here know where I could get one of these woofers?

Thanks for your help-

If you still actually have the woofer, just have it reconed/refoamed. This is an excellent company to use:
send it to meniscus audio and ask for mark. he can fix all of that for a good price. usually 59 dollars..

Thanks for this info. The woofer is not in need of reconing, I don't think. I replaced it a few months back with one from Snell, and it "blats" when driven to sort-of loud levele, but the original woofer in the other speaker does not, so this severely limits how loud I can play music, most especially music with a nice bass.

Where is meniscis audio?
This place can probably help, they can offer a complete recone. It's probably expensive. Good luck.
Call Bill Legall at Millersound;he is one of best speaker
rebuilders in the industry;no relation just a very happy customer;here is the info if interested:
1422 Taylor Road
Lansdale, PA 19446-1531
(215) 412-7700
Thank you all!
I called Snell yesterday and they still stock original Snell drivers for the Type CIV speaker.

They have tweeters and mid range drivers, no woofers remaining. At least that's what I have heard from several folks there.
They have woofers in stock too. Maybe you talked with the wrong person at Snell.
Joe-who did you speak with? I have spoken with three or 4 people there, all tell me the same thing. No CIV woofers left.
Joe-I think the issue COULD be that my driver is 25 cm, and they have only 26 cm drivers in stock. I would need to enlarge the hole, or have the driver made smaller.
have you ever found a replacement woofers for you snell civ?
I am also looking for one but can't find any