SNE V VTA adjustment


New to the forum!

I need help with downward VTA adjust on my SME V.

According to the manual you have to screw in the VTA screw until you feel resistance, no problem.

To raise the arm you keep turning clockwise, no problem.

But to lower the arm you turn the screw anti clockwise but all that does is undo the VTA screw! I must be missing something somewhere!

I have read on the forum that you need to release a clamp to do the fine adjustment but there is no mention of that in the manual and I'm not sure which clamp.

Any help gratefully received!


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Downwards VTA adjustment is done by loosening the screws that hold the arm pillar then manually pushing the arm down, upwards is done by use of the adjustment screw. Easiest is to go start a little low then using the adjustment screw to get it perfectly right.

Not a super good design on this otherwise incredibly well designed piece of machinery.

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