Snapped off my cantilever

Someone in my house snapped the cantilever off my Clearaudio Stradivari. I am so upset, it had about 200 hours on it and it sounded just wonderful. I think I am going to purchase another one if I can, but I am open to suggestions. Here is my system. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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Clearaudio Avantgarde TT with carbon satisfy arm
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AZ Absolute interconnects and speaker cable.
Why not just re-tip the Stradivari? Wouldn't that be least expensive and get you back to the sound you were really beginning to enjoy?
I don't know what to say.. that totally sucks..
Can it be rebuilt? Can you talk to your dealer about options and maybe he can give you a trade-in deal?
Just curious
it're not alone--believe me. I've sent my carts with snapped off cants Soundsmith. You can expect a couple months wait for repair but it's worth it.
Lovely system! Very sorry to hear of the accident.

Soundsmith will do a great job on your cart, but you will have to be patient. Do you have a backup cartridge?
Thanks for the info and ideas about Soundsmith. I think that sounds like the way to go. I guess I will purchase a less expensive cart while mine is being fixed. Can't hurt to have a back up. Thanks

contact your dealer or the US Distributor Musical Surroundings. I bet Clearaudio will service it. If they don't let us all know. That would certainly be a show stopper for me to entertain hi-end clearaudio carts if they are unwilling to service their carts in the event of accidental breakage.
Soundsmith will do a great job, but the cartridge you get back is not going to be the same. If you like your cartridge as well as you say you do, have Clearaudio repair it.
Clearaudio is not a customer oriented brand, as they do not do trade ins at reasonable prices. Repair? Forget it as it is not cost effective for them. Hey, we live in a replace universe. Dare to be sensible. Buy a Shure 97 and see if the sound pleases you. At $50, it is a bargain and just may be worthwhile shortcut for now. Oh, by the way I have had a Clearaudio Victory H and I've compared the sound to the Shure. Close to equal, and $2000 less.
Call up your dealer. Mine is v1 and Clearaudio send me v2 for around $1500.

Perhaps they do do retips/exchange.

The way I read it, you can trade in your Stradivari for another... Re-Tip/Exchange:
Only $1,687.49!

Pretty expensive

As far as clearaudio not being a custiomer oriented brand, that's ridiculous. They stock parts for every turntable/arm they have ever manufactured. Many of their tables allow for upgrades when they come out.
"Someone in my house"

Oh, sure, "someone". I have a "someone" like that in my house, too. :o)
Talked with my dealer this morning and he told me that Clearaudio would give me 55% of the retail towards the purchase of a Stradivari V2 or anything else above that in the lineup! For me that s a nice deal since I purchased the original Stradivari at the end of the run at a discounted price. Might be an opportunity to move up to the de Vinci V2 at a price that doesn't sting quite so bad.
So that is the rule with Clearaudio cart trade in's...they give you 55% off the new one of the same model or higher model with the trade in ?
That sounds like a pretty good deal, unless the cart was practically new when you broke it. Get the De Vinci V2.
I don't know if that's the "rule" but I think I am going de Vinci V2!
I think I am going de Vinci V2!

Note to self, always put stylus guard on when done listening...:-)
Yeah, no kidding. Expensive lesson learned!!! Why do they always cost so much?!
Why do they always cost so much?!

It's not cheap employing microscopic Keebler Elves to to the catilever/stylus work...LOL
Happen to me 3 times. dynavector xv-1s twice and clearaudio goldfinger once. Between I tried other carts but was not happy. After the goldfinger broke I went with Benz Micro LPS. Could not be happier. No worries and great sound. Never going back to that sticking out there type of cantilever again. Too many other things to do with my money.
09-30-11: Pkoegz
Never going back to that sticking out there type of cantilever again. Too many other things to do with my money.

OTOH these types of cantilever's are the easiest to adjust accurately...(overhang/zenith), since the cart body doesn't obscure the view when using a protractor for setup.
Stuff happens!!

Stringreen wrote: "Soundsmith will do a great job, but the cartridge you get back is not going to be the same. If you like your cartridge as well as you say you do, have Clearaudio repair it."

I have wondered for some time why so many cartridges for sale on Audiogon are listed as "just retipped by Soundsmith."

Genuinely, the last thing I want to do is talk down someone who provides audiophiles with a valuable service, which Soundsmith definitely does. Having said that, can any of you comment on the sound characteristics of a re-tip, how it sounds different from the original, other than the obvious observation that the materials are not as originally designed, engineered and produced? Is one retip best suited to a particular cartridge, or type of cartridge?

I ask because I have a Dynavector 20XL on which I bent and twisted the cantilever. If I want to use this cartridge, am I better off sending it to Dynavector or Soundsmith?

If I'm putting anyone in an awkward position with this question, I apologize in advance. My question stems from the inevitable ignorance of being new to the pursuit of high end vinyl.

Thanks very much,
Cdk84, I validate your question as being legitimate and important. It is well thought out, well written. I am also interested in any responses.
given the choice of a 3rd party re-tip or an OEM factory re-tip, I would take the OEM...
After snapping my 6th AT-OC9 II needle, I am looking for other options myself. Luckily, the US AT distributor has let me trade in the broken one for a new one. Still it is a significant fee each time.

Worse, I am thinking about getting a Dennon DL-S1 which would be even more significant!

I truly hate when that happens! A true bummer!

Phono cantilevers are quite delicate and accidents happen. One of the true downsides.

Best to keep a spare of everything around so that when something nasty like that happens, the music can keep playing until replaced, repaired, whatever.

I think my kids and even my dog all know to stay clear of daddy's stereo gear...or else.

I think my wife even knows not to even think about cleaning my phono stuff, which goes against all her basic instincts.

Cats can be tougher as many well know (please, this is NOT an invite for more always poorly accepted cat jokes by the way).
>>10-05-11: Rsimms
After snapping my 6th AT-OC9 II needle, I am looking for other options myself<<

Have you tried compact discs?
"Have you tried compact discs?"

Compact Disks are old fashioned! This is the download era. ;)