Snap Crackle Pop

These sounds I hear through my speakers when the components are on but no source is playing.
They go away when I unplug the RCAs from the preamp connected to the TV (connected to cable via tivo), and I have a small "cable/vcr ground breaker feed-thru surge protector" adapter that reduces the hum significantly--female cable adapter-to 'cylinder'-to male cable plug--but this little gem consequently makes CBS turn into a horizontal hold problem as well as ghosting images and generally a waste of time.
My system is 2 channel but I occasionally watch movies through the Video input. So, not that it (probably) matters, but
preamp=Audio Research SP16L
amp=McCormack DNA 225
Amp and preamp are plugged into the wall. Everything else is run through an inexpensive surge-protected outlet strip. I have no dedicated outlets.

What's the most efficient and practical way to reduce/stop the crackles (it does crackle like a fire) without degrading sound for music's sake and being able to watch TV without visual interference? Please remember 97% is for music, not Dr Phil(a bag-o-donuts with your swill).
I had similarly descibed sounds eminate from one channel of my rig, and found it to be worn out pre-amp tubes. If your pre-amp uses tubes, check your tubes. Happy Listening.
tubes in the preamp are most likely the cause