Snakes and Arrows on Vinyl

I was just looking for some feedback on the new Snakes and Arrows vinyl issue. I for one am quite pleased and surprised at how different it sounds. It also seems like it is slower than the cd. I checked my speed on my turntable and it was correct and as accurate as an old sony can be. But all in all it sounds awesome, anyone else have any thoughts????

lol...I was going through the forums quickly and saw this title and knew who it was....
A friend of mine has it on vinyl. His system is strictly 2 ch and more on the high end side than mine. I didn't want it to sound better, but dam it sure as hell did...I'm not sure how to describe it but the overall sound was more open(less compressed might be what I'm trying to describe) and I think that gave the impression of it sounding, as you described, slower. If I ask my wife if adding vinyl set up she will get rid of me for shore:)
Hey Zigonht. I let one wife leave to keep the vinyl already. I'm just sayin'.
I'm friends with the owner of a high end audio shop and also knew a "audio consultant" a few years back. Both were adamant that cd was not a step up. The owner of the store said remember how you could listen to music all day when it was vinyl only? Now with cd you get a headache unless you have a top system. I agree. With these posts I'm seeing is vinyl on the way back?