Snakeoil for your Scorpio's

Here is a tweak that improved my Scorpio's by two orders of magnitude. Just found out Audio Physic makes fiber pads as an alternative to the standard spikes.

Here is the link:

Scroll down to : vcf_component_grey15.jpg which is close to the bottom of the page. They run $50 - $100 per set of four.

Let me be clear about the improvement: jaw-dropping, head-snapping, fall out of your chair better. More specifically, the huge, open soundstage Audio Physic is known for becomes humongous - far more three dimensional via extended front to back depth. Bass is far tighter and much better defined. Highs are more crisp and pristine.

I imagine the pucks would improve any Audio Physic speaker. I have since installed them under all my components but they made the most significant improvement under the speakers. My turntable also saluted big time. As vibration isolators go these are a bargain.
Where can these be purchased in the U.S.?
I just bought two more pair from a fellow 'goner. Simply put "SSC" in the search box on the home page.