Snake oil??

Well, on March 8th, at the age of 64, I suffered a mild stroke. I have felt that things were returning to normal for the last few weeks. Now I’m not so sure. I just reviewed an email that came to me from Agon about a mysterious substance involving something called 3-Dimensional Enhancer, the NPS 1260. It claims to cure literally all my audio problems for the low price of $599. Is this some leftover April Fools thing or am I having some sort of stroke relapse?   I’m hoping that MC has some form to sage advice for this conundrum. 
Rumor has it that many nostalgic audiophiles still use low res electron tube based analog TVs from the last century because they prefer tubes and hdtv is just too darn revealing to be high end, not to mention digital to-boot,  right?  Yuck. 
Yes, even the latest OLED screens I’ve seen from Sony and Panasonic are cartoonish and chocolatey I’d say.

Purely a setting and demonstration model issue. They ship to look good in the store, not to be critical viewing devices. Most people are impressed by shiny things at first, overblown colors, sharp edges, high contrast. When they get it home, they complain about lack of shadow detail and artifacts, just a press of a few buttons away.
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  • "Maybe The Gate is messing with your TV!"

That it is. In a very good way. :-)

Video improvement with ECT is very much like what you describe between digital and film. Video with ECT looks a lot more like film.  

The best film is 70mm. The video equivalent of a direct to disc 45. I've seen Lawrence, My Fair Lady, Hamlet, and The Hateful Eight, all in glorious 70mm. Tarantino outdid himself filming The Hateful Eight in Ultra Panavision 70.

None of these is anything like reality. Which is the whole point. Reality is vastly overrated, at least when it comes to art. We are after all immersed in reality 24/7/365. (Well, some of us, anyway;)

The new theatrical 3d format coming out is 'glasses free'. Apparently the image is 3d from any seating position.

It is also going to be done with a scanning laser technology, for a near infinite contrast range - in some ways.
In the same way that commercial theaters fought back via innovation, when TV was introduced... that entire industry and all of it's connected doing so again....
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