SMX Cinema Solutions

I have been asked by a friend to sell his SMX Cinema Solutions screen. Looks like they went out of business.
Can anyone help me locate what these screens retailed for? This one is 110" fixed screen.Nothing on Audiogon bluebook.   Thanks
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Screens are tough... it's worth what someone will give you for it. For example, I sold a Da-Lite 106" screen that retailed for around $1300 for $100. I had it listed for MONTHS before I finally got a buyer. I was glad to give it a new home and clear out space in mine by the time it was all said and done. Of course, if you are willing to ship it (they tend to be long and oversize) you might get more on eBay or Audiogon. Unfortunately, most of the low-end theater enthusiasts are using Silver Ticket or Elite screens (or the like) and they retail for $200+ brand new. The quality is less than the major players like Stewart, Da-Lite, Seymour etc but you are spending 1/10th of the money. If you have a home theater/stereo shop that you are friendly with, you may be able to consign it or trade it in. Hope this helps.