Smoother bass by running woofer out of phase?

In my dedicated room that is furnish with bass traps, I still get to much bass energy on bass heavy music. I discover recently that in bi wiring my speakers (ML Vantage)I wire the woofers out of phase;the bass bloat goes away and I have greater detail from top to bottom. What is the explanation of this and is this a recommended "fix" in dealing with excessive bass? Thanks, Sam
I third setting up on the long wall. No question about it.

In addition- only 50% or so of recordings actually maintain absolute phase, so who knows what you are actually hearing. Just because your wiring is in phase doesn't mean your music is.
Robr45...Absolute phase or not, the woofer and tweeter should be the same.
The OP is explicitely talking about changing the phase on the woofer for smoother bass.
by the way, have your outlets checked for polariy...mis-wiring can give you an out of phase effect!!